March 15th, 2016 (Tuesday) – “No Pity Parties,” he says – From the Daughter

As mentioned in Craig’s last blog post, his daughter (me) has taken over the responsibility of keeping his blog readers updated.

A few days after his previous blog post, Dad went to the Emergency Room with shortness of breath and was admitted to the hospital later that day. Dad’s onc-doc recommended he cease cancer treatment, as any further treatments, like Keytruda, would only make him feel worse, with very little benefit. That includes forgoing the trial in Boston.

When I asked him what he wanted me to mention in his blog, Craig said, “don’t let people think I’m just giving up.” The fact is, he’s already been through all the treatment options, and we are changing gears. As a nurse in the hospital perfectly explained, “we have stopped treating the disease, and have begun treating the person.”

pillow mountainCraig came home to his favorite recliner, under the wing of in-home hospice care and propped up on what I like to call, “Pillow Mountain.” His pain level is fairly low, but the constant sitting caused him to have a sore butt, so we’ve since moved him to a more comfortable bed. He remains surrounded by our family and, of course, Billy Bigdog.

Our friends and family have been incredibly generous with their time and support. Neighbors have run errands for Mom, and we’ve even had a wheelchair and mobile commode loaned to us. Not sure they’ll want the latter one back. (Yes! I got a Dad-approved potty joke into the blog!)

A lot of people have been asking how they can help. We are truly touched, and we are overwhelmed with the generous offerings of hospitality and nourishment.

As a family, we have decided to direct friends and readers to help in different ways:

1. Support “Team Craig – Get Fuzzy” at the Breath of Hope Walk.

breath-of-hope-logoYou can walk in the 5k event on May 1st in San Diego, donate to support the Moores Cancer center, or both.

To sign up and/or donate, visit the Breath of Hope Walk website.

Click on ‘Register Now’ and choose “Team Craig – Get Fuzzy” from the drop-down menu as your Team Name.

If you would prefer to donate to the cause, enter your donation amount in the ‘Additional Donation’ box on the registration page.

We hope to see you there.


2. Donate to the Craig and Doug’s Excellent Science (CADES) Scholarship through the Rotary of San Diego.

This Rotary scholarship was formed in honor of my father and his fellow Rotarian, Doug Arbon, who have both done so much to instill the love of science in students. The program is in partnership with Hoover High School.

The mission of the project is to establish an annual, multi STEMdistribution scholarship to under-served high school seniors who have shown aptitude and interest in the field of STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math).

If you would like to donate to this cause, you can send a check to the address below. Be sure to reference CADES on the memo line.

San Diego Rotary Club Foundation
2247 San Diego Ave., Suite 233
San Diego, CA. 92110-2943

To learn more about this scholarship, you can read the Project Overview here.

3. Volunteer at (or donate to) some of Craig’s favorite organizations:

Dad has spent countless hours serving others. From leading a pack of elementary school students in science experiments to fixing Nana’s VCR, he has never hesitated to offer his time in order to help someone else.

Below are just a few organizations Dad has volunteered for, if you are interested in filling some really big shoes or donating to their cause.

Camp Ronald McDonald for Good TimesSBSD.jpgradysRotary logo

If Craig has inspired you to serve your community in any way, please share your stories with us. We are so proud of him, and would be thrilled to hear how his legacy is been carried onward.

My family and I personally want to thank each and every one of you for the constant encouragement Dad has gotten through his blog. As a reader myself, the comments have always filled my heart and made my day brighter.

For those of you who are fighting a similar fight, Craig wants you to stay positive. As a family, we remind ourselves that because Dad took part in trial medications, he has been a part of a very special process that will help other survivors in the future. I’m sure Craig would encourage you to do the same.

Business as usual, One Day… we will find a cure.

-Bradyn (Blower) Miller


47 thoughts on “March 15th, 2016 (Tuesday) – “No Pity Parties,” he says – From the Daughter

  1. Bradyn, Thank You for blogging on behalf of your Amazing Dad and your Beautiful family. The Strength and Determination of each of you is truly Inspirational. Please know my Prayers remain. I am sending my Love to All! HUGS! Claudia

  2. Love you, Craig and Kim. And to all the Blowers. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time. Karen

  3. Beautifully written Bradyn. Thank you for the update and the inspiration. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Love from Carol and Bruce.

  4. Bradyn, your dad has to be so proud of the job you have just done blogging on his behalf… You are a chip off his old block and good for you to keep the potty humor going! I loved how you said that by your dad’s (and others) participations in the trials a cure may come one day..,,,and may that bevhopefully sooner than later.
    Craig, I too am propped up with pillows and yes my butt is sore as well as I have been sidelined for a couple of months but today my physical therapist said I should be walking again in about another month….but I will have to pass on the May 1st walk…My donation is all they will get out of me for this year. Your commitment to your volunteerism so far exceeds anyone I know/have known, except perhaps my mom and dad. They, and now you, are in a special class of human beings. It doesn’t sound like you will be making it to the next AHS PnB on May 14, once again at Zubie’s in Huntington Beach, and if that is the case we’ll make sure we toast you with a cold brewskie ( sorry Rombauer is too expensive!… LOL) Keep fighting your fight to be comfortable Craig and know that I, and so many others, continue to pray for you and send positive thoughts always your way.
    MOOR hugs to you and your family Craig.
    XO XO Karen Westerfield Stember

  5. Bradyn, thanks for the “Get Fuzzy” update. Yes, you have your dad’s humor, for sure. Please let Craig know that he (and your family), have been in my daily prayers, since beginning his cancer journey. My prayers will continue.

    God bless,


    Get Fuzzy! wrote: > CraigB posted: “As mentioned in Craig’s last blog post, his daughter > (me) has taken over the responsibility of keeping his blog readers > updated. A few days after his previous blog post, Dad went to the > Emergency Room with shortness of breath and was admitted to the hosp” >

  6. Craig, I wish you a peaceful journey into the other life. You are an inspiration to us all. Feel content in the knowledge that you have made such a wonderful difference in this world. We sure will miss you.

  7. Well done Brayden … Thinking about you guys daily. Hug your Mom tight for me, and savor every moment you have with your Dad.

  8. Craig and family
    Your blog was the first blog I ever found and it gave my husband and I hope. Your sense of humor is something else. Your diagnosis was just about a year ahead of Steve’s so we wanted to follow in your footsteps. After Tarceva quit working for my husband they didn’t offer any trials in Iowa do we did the chemo. Never worked that great for us not like Tarceva. By the time they checked for the new mutation it was too late for Steve. His liver was his culprit. Lungs never did a whole lot.
    Through it all every time we needed to be uplifted we looked to your blog and I still continue to follow you and Dann and Celia. I feel like all three of y’all are a part of my family. You are not down for the count. You rest up and get going again. We all need you to keep us updated and laughing. I have shared with friends and family all down south and everywhere else about your blog. Do you have any idea how many followers you have?
    You guys are in my prayers as you fight this thing. And I hope your butt feels better now that you are in a better bed.
    Please keep us updated. We all love you and your wife.
    Martha in Iowa

  9. Bradyn,

    Thank you for the update on your dad. It shows you are his daughter and that is a big compliment.
    Speaking of kids, there is a standing joke with one of mine that involves your ‘high school’ dad. One Friday night, long ago, I received a call from the local police department. Horrors, since the kids were out and about. Yes, the call was about one of my sons. I was told I needed to pick him up at the station as he had been caught purchasing alcohol. So, over I go relieved he, and the public at large, were ok but also very angry. After the protocol for such humiliations, my son was in the car with me and I was furious. So furious, I was almost speechless, which is unusual for me. Out of my mouth comes, “Why can’t you be more like Craig Blower?” Craig and I had lost touch at that point except for occasional reunion communications so my son had no idea who Craig Blower was or what I meant. I explained to him when he asked who was Craig Blower and I said someone from my high school that we should all be more like and dropped it. We survived the night and went on. My son is well into his 30s and over the years when I’m annoyed at him has teased me that he’ll is try to be more like Craig Blower. But now with Facebook he spied on my friends list and came upon Craig Blower and spied on his page. A few years ago he said he understood why I wanted him to be more like Craig Blower even though nothing on FB is in relation to the police incident — it was, that awful night, because Craig (I think) was not one of the boozer guys in high school. But now my son is right, it is true, we should all be more like Craig Blower because of all the time and attention he gives to others. And because in the face of grave illness he reminds us of how important a sense of humor is. Yes, I do want my adult son to be more like Craig Blower and I am glad he knows it.
    Anyway, rambling me will sign off with the thought that me, my son and many others are lucky to have Craig as someone to emulate by serving others and having a sense of humor towards life. My continued thoughts and prayers for Craig and your family. xoxo

  10. We’re signing up for the Walk in May and will continue to support Craig’s causes for further research. He is such a motivation for us all to continue to support one another. Love to your family,
    John and Renie Martin

  11. My thoughts and prayers are with Craig to keep up his strength and humor and this goes for his wonderfully supportive family as well. Cancer is a crappy disease and Craig is an inspiration for living life and fighting the fight for life and love against the creepy fuzzies – my best to all of you! – Janine

  12. I am so sorry to hear this news. Craig you have been such a fighter and an inspiration to all. I will never forget your sense of humor as you fought the good fight. Now at this difficult time, I am praying for comfort. In light of treating “the whole person” may I humbly offer these words of hope: “For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son- that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16) May you find the peace of God, Craig, as He prepares a place for you.

  13. I have so admired the humor and courage Craig and you all have shown. Having been through this with my husband (close, but not identical), I know the challenges. I pray for you all and am so grateful to say I know Craig — though from MANY years ago!

    God bless you all!


  14. I found your dad’s blog a couple years ago while my 58 year old dad was also fighting stage iv lung cancer (He passed away in August 2015). I have been rooting for your dad every day. His sense of humor is such a special gift for him and all of you and I truly admire his positive attitude. I hope you all can find peace in this difficult situation and create some wonderful memories with the time he has remaining. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    From another person who has been in your shoes,

    Melissa I. (Seattle, WA)

  15. My mom went through the same ordeal and I have followed Craig’s blog from the beginning even though I don’t even know him. I have been checking every day since February 18th as I feared something like this was coming. I truly hope Craig is resting peacefully and knows what a legacy he has left for all his friends, family and even unknown friends like me.

    I will miss reading his blogs.

    Elizabeth Fowler

  16. I truly feel that my life is better because Craig and Kim and Bradyn and Brett are in it. Jake loves his Uncle Craig and I know Jake will grow up remembering his first putt and his first birthday and his first Thanksgiving and first of many things with the Blowers and his dear Uncle Craig. Jake will make you proud when he takes Auntie Kim golfing; he will putt like his uncle. We love you, Nancy, Jake, Greg and Rachel

  17. Thank you Bradyn for your thoughtful update. Please let your dad and all the Blower family members know that you are in my prayers. God Bless you all and many hugs sent your way.

  18. Bradyn,Thanks so much for the update.. Not a day goes by that your dad and family are not in my thoughts and prayers. This has been such a courageous battle for you all and I can’t say enough about how much you are all admired! I love that humor remains with you too. That has always made this awful journey so much better for us and I know your family.
    Thank you for all the ideas as to how we can help. Ralph and I will for sure do that.
    Is there any food or Rombauer 😘 you can use? Please let me know.
    Love to you all and please give your Mom and Dad a big hug from Ralph and myself

  19. I am not sure I can see my computer screen through the tears. Reading Brayden’s blog I know how hard it must have been to sit down and put these words on paper. I am touched by the thoughtful people in your circle of friends. You are constantly in my prayers, sending hugs and love your way.

  20. I volunteered with your dad at the San Diego Children’s Hospital over 15 years ago. I was inspired by his generosity and selflessness back then just as I am today. He was magic with the kids and could make them all laugh despite the reason they were in the hospital. I wish your family blessings and peace.

  21. When I decided to start sharing my story of survival Craig was among the first to reach out and offer encouragement. He was the very first to link to my blog and I am grateful to him.

    Craig, may your landing be gentle. Know that we will hold you and your family in our hearts and prayers.

  22. Craig, You have inspired so many people with your amazing blog and your determination and grace. When my wife Maureen was fighting her battle with lung cancer and came across your blog she was so happy to find a fellow traveler with a slightly irreverent sense of humor and love of life despite the obvious seriousness of the situation. Your taking the time to speak with her to ease her fears of gamma knife tx and inspire her was priceless. You have continued to inspire me and make me laugh (and cry) the past year and a half and I thank you for all that. I’m still going to send you some healing energy- and my thoughts are with you and your family.

  23. As a fellow traveler (someone with lung cancer) I admire your dad’s humor, strength, grace, courage and love. You can be very proud of him.

    with affection and admiration

  24. Craig, I know you dismissed it when Genevieve and I visited last week, but if you hadn’t shown me the way into the AZD9291 (now Tagrisso) trial, I very well could have died by now. The benefit of your participation in the clinical trial not only helps save lives in the abstract, it has specifically helped save my life. Whether you want to listen or not, THANK YOU, dammit! Also, just seeing your spirit in Braydn’s guest-blog, you have lifted my own spirits again. Thank you, my friend.

  25. Bradyn: thank you for your update… I have been following your father’s blog as my husband has been fighting this dreadful disease also. He has given so much hope and also laughter in such, at times, a dyer situation. God Bless him!

    Craig, I am staying positive and praying this is just a glitch and that you will gain your strength back and continue on.

    Best to all of you!


  26. Thank you for the update on your dad. Craig, your humor has been an inspiration to all of us during your journey. I wish you a peaceful transition into your next journey and strength for your family during this difficult transition.

  27. Thank you for the update, Bradyn. We pray for Craig and Kim and your family every day. May God give you peace that surpasses all understanding.
    Love, Sandy and Mike

  28. April 1st is just around the corner, and this will be the first time in 16 years that there won’t be a special email from Craig, at the Fleet, announcing some disruption of services, or some other disturbing news. I believe it was the first year he sent one to “All In-House,” that he announced there was construction scheduled, and we wouldn’t be able to use the bathrooms. I was livid and was ready to voice my concerns in language not fit for the workplace! Had I kept reading to the end of the message, I would have seen his mention of April Fools Day! I felt pretty silly. It took me a couple of years to remember the date and to begin looking forward to the yearly notice. I knew he’d catch more than a few of us unaware, and that always made me smile. Thanks so much, Bradyn, for the update! Your dad and you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. I’ve been battling cancer for almost a year. The way he has discussed his illness with humor has been so very inspirational for me. I am sure there are many, many others who feel the same.

  29. Bradyn, Thanks for your beautiful message. You are proof that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Your Dad I’m sure is very proud of you.
    Craig, I can’t express how sad I am. You have been so brave and fought so hard, it’s not fair that we lose people like you so soon. My only consolation is that I believe our heavenly Father has a wonderful place ready and waiting for you. You deserve it my friend. So get ready for the next phase of your eternal existence and put in a good word for me! Goodbye Craig, until we meet again… .

  30. Thank you for the update. I’m sure many of us cautiously checked your blog daily hoping and praying for your report of a new miracle. Your life’s mission of generosity and kindness shows loud and clear as you offered us things we can do to support OTHERS–through supporting lung cancer research, supporting scholarships in science, volunteering in ways to help others in our community, etc.., etc… I wore your Get Fuzzy shirt last week and will certainly wear again at the Breath of Hope. Thank you for bringing awareness to this dreadful disease through your blog, your insight, your humor, and your fight. You have inspired a lot of warriors who will continue to help in the battles to find cures. Love and peace to you and your family.

  31. Bradyn, Brett and Kim,
    Your Dad’s Blog, sharing his battle with lung cancer, has been a source of hope and understanding to so many. As he shared with humor his experiences working through the hurtles of treatment and seeking new treatments, he continued to be the exemplary educator. I know he has helped so many others before his diagnosis and continued throughout this battle. Peace to you and all your family members.

  32. Sending thoughts and prayers to the entire family. Thank you for sharing your joys, your trials, your courage and your strength. May God comfort you all.

  33. Bradyn, well done on your post for your Father. Well done. I have been following Craig’s blog for three years when I first saw your Father’s name on my Husband Ron’s blog. I have rooted for his success and I have been where you and your Father are now. Both Craig and Ron approached their cancer journey with humor and honesty and followed their wish that others might learn how to travel a very difficult journey while never losing their positive and humorous outlook. Brava for Craig and for yourself and your family. Yes it does seem that now is the time to treat the man and may you all spend quality time together and build precious memories. Hoping for the very best while navigating this next stage of Craig’s journey.

  34. Bradyn, thanks for the update on your dad. It’s disheartening to know that Craig has drained his account at the Bank of Hope. If you looked up the words hope or inspiration in the dictionary, you’d find Craig Blower there under the definition. I can think of no more shining example of a true gentleman than Craig. We’ve played softball on Sunday mornings both against each other and on the same team for over 20 years in Scripps Ranch. I’ll forever have great memories of Craig and how he loved to make a great play. I have a permanently broken ring finger on my left hand thanks to a hard throw from Craig to me at first base. But I’ll always wear that broken finger as a badge of honor and reminder that I knew a great man… not just on the ball field but off the field as well. I’ve prayed for you a lot Craig and I’ll continue to pray that God has a great plan for you in Heaven. I love you pal.

  35. Dear Kim, Braydn and Brett, I have just learned from my brother and sister-in-law , Zeke and Ellen Knight, that Craig passed away peacefully this morning. It’s hard to put into words what an impact he had on my life because, (1) I didn’t know him all that well and (2) the only contact I had with him over the past years was through his inspirational blog….”Get Fuzzy”.
    Bradyn, thank you for your recent blog….”No Pity Parties”. I am going to remember him by having a “Thankful Party”….Thankful that he was in my life. My remembrance of him personally was that he was very amusing, very caring and very unassuming. Some years ago, when and friend and I had the opportunity to visit the Rubin H. Fleet Science Center, Craig took time from his busy management schedule to give us a private tour of this magnificent facility. He even showed us the massive projectors and reels for the IMAX films. There are not many executives that I know who would spend their time showing two relatively unknown and unimportant people around. And you know what? He enjoyed the opportunity because he took great pride in something with which he was intimately involved. He was very amusing, very caring and very unassuming.
    Turning to his blogs, I always looked forward to reading them although I prayerfully hoped I would not receive the next one because it might mean he was totally cured. Alas, that did not happen but he accepted each day with grace and optimism…maybe not completely optimistic about his situation but completely optimistic about life in general. What an extraordinary individual.
    I hope someone takes all the blogs and puts them into a book or pamphlet with the title…”Business as usual. Day at a time”. I will continue to remember Craig by supporting his causes as long as I can. I feel enormously blessed to have known this magnificent human being…Craig Blower.
    With deep feelings and respect, David

  36. Oh Miss Bradyn……you ARE your daddy’s daughter! That was beautifully written with wit and love. Wrapping my arms around you and your family, I will pray for strength, courage and even a miracle as you continue on this journey. Hugs and love from Auntie Paula.❤

  37. Dear Craig, may you rest in peace. We will miss you and your posts. You selflessly helped so many over the years. You truly made a difference. Your courageous struggle, described with great humor, inspired us and made us laugh and cry and cringe. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! We are better for having known you.


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