January 25, 2016 (Mon) – Groundhog Day, Revisited…

Groundhog DayThose of you that are fans of Groundhog Day, the Bill Murray movie, will get many of the upcoming references. If you are not a fan, or even if you are not familiar with this US-made movie, you’ll probably be scratching your head. But click here if you want a quick synopsis before I totally lose you.

Suffice it say, reliving the same day over and over (in his case for many, many years) is the general theme of the movie. Neverending stairsKinda like the instructions on a shampoo bottle: “lather-rinse-repeat.” Never-ending. This has also been the general theme of my life of late, although in my case for only 6-8 weeks or so. One of the differences is that Phil Conners starts off as an assh…er, jerk, and slowly comes around. Hopefully I Circle loopdidn’t begin that way. Plus, I won’t be buying any whole life insurance policies from Ned Ryerson, or anyone else for that matter. Somehow I don’t think I would qualify at this stage. And no, I am not an expert ice sculpturer, speak French, nor play jazz on the piano. But I do wield a mean remote control that I am gaining additional expertise on every day.

Leather ReclinerNow my recliner definitely has permanent butt cheek marks embedded in the soft leather. This is a result of spending about 95% of my waking hours, day in and day out plopped accordingly. Each day I wake up to the hope that things will have changed and that I will feel incrementally better to where I can begin to get out and around a bit more. And C squaredthen I get up out of the recliner to head back to the bathroom and run out of breath. Unfortunately that is about the extent of my energy level which is being affected by the big C, or the big C plus the other C (chemo). Some days it feels like they are ganging up as C-squared. Hopefully one of these days the 6am “I Got You Babe” alarm will change to “Happy” and things will fall into place as they should.

I have been able to get out on a not-so-regular basis to walk laps around my cul-de-sac. I don’t do so well with hills soWalk cul-de-sac I am sticking to flat terrain. Talk about Groundhog Day, going around the same block lap after lap. However, don’t let it be said that I allow myself to get locked into such a tight regimen. Occasionally, now don’t faint, I shake things up by, ready for this? – turning around and walking in the opposite direction. I know, I’m just a risk taker. Here was my pattern after one day when I really pushed myself for over a mile. Click on the picture for the incredible full effect.

One of the regular daily occurrences is that my buddy Mr. Nausea, seems to want to be my best friend and hang out in the Lurking in the shadowsshadows everywhere I go in the house. Kind of like our dog Bill who follows my wife everywhere. Just when I think I’ve lost him, he taps me on the shoulder and says, “eh, not so fast buddy.” Funny how (OK, maybe not funny) the day of and the day after my chemo treatment seem to be the best days. Mr. N doesn’t seem to join the party until a few days after, and then like any unwelcome guest, never seems to know when to leave the party. I can deal with him but it’s the lack of appetite that seems to follow him around that is more of a challenge. I’m still struggling to at least hold my weight steady, even at 30 lbs less than normal. But forcing myself to eat seems to bring Mr. N out of the shadows and in my face. It’s a delicate balancing act.

DraculaA week ago when I had my regular blood work done just prior to my chemo, the onc-doc was going over the results. He asked me if I had been bleeding a lot somehow. Despite being on Lovenox and susceptible to bleeding, my answer was a negatory. Apparently I was a quart low Blood drawand anemic. I’m guessing Dracula was sneaking into my bedroom in the middle of the night for a little snackie-poo. So, they arranged for me to come back the next day (now two days in a row) for a blood transfusion. Never had one of them puppies. They had to cross match my blood to be sure I wouldn’t reject what they were going to give me. BC (before cancer), I used to donate blood regularly and I was up to about 8 gallons total. I guess it was about time to get some of that paid back. Unfortunately they must have had a donor with regular headaches because that has been added to my daily regimen ever since.

On the good news/bad news and good news but bad news front, I contacted Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston regarding the EGF816 clinical trial they have going on. Initially with my history they feel I might qualify for the trial and have invited me back for a consultation Boston snowwith the onc-doc running the program. This was the same doc I was trying to get my insurance to cover to visit for a second opinion, which they denied. So now, because of the trial, I get my free consult whether or not I end up in the trial. So that is pretty darn good news. The bad Boston flynews is that it is in Boston. In the winter. The other bad news is that I am not quite travel capable right now with my energy level but I am hopeful I’ll be able to at least build up enough energy for the trip and try and time it so they are not getting 2 feet of snow. Possible good news is that I might qualify for the trial. The bad news? You guessed it. It’s in Boston. And if I qualify, it will mean many trips out there for the duration of the trial. Guess I got spoiled with my last clinical trial being only 20 minutes driving distance away. I wonder if the airlines offer discounts for bulk purchases?

GlowbodyNow halfway through my 6-cycle (once every three weeks) chemo treatment regimen. And I have my glow-in-the-dark PET scan scheduled for Feb 5th, the day before my birthday. We’ll see what that shows. And the week following that will be my 3rd Cancerversary Celebration. Lots happening. Oh, and probably with my next blog, I’ll be posting a link for those of you that want to support Team Craig – Get Fuzzy again this year at the Breath of Hope Walk, either by walking and/or donating to support The Moores Cancer Center. Stay tuned.

Definitely business as usual for now and assuredly day at at time.


22 thoughts on “January 25, 2016 (Mon) – Groundhog Day, Revisited…

  1. Craig, thanks for the update. You continue to be in my daily prayers. Your friend, Ed

    Get Fuzzy! wrote: > CraigB posted: “Those of you that are fans of Groundhog Day, the Bill > Murray movie, will get many of the upcoming references. If you are not > a fan, or even if you are not familiar with this US-made movie, you’ll > probably be scratching your head. But click here if you wan” >

  2. Craig, you are the fastest guy with C2 on the block that I know! If you drink Gatorade, I’ll call them to see if they will sponsor you. Seriously, if you drinking an electrolyte drink these days for rehydration let me know. Glad to see you blogging again!

  3. Thanks for the update Craig! If you have to hang out in Boston for awhile, pretty sure Jamie will be more than happy to keep
    you entertained.. LOL…Good luck with everything and have a wonderful birthday!
    You are always in our prayers….
    Love and Hugs

  4. Craig, hopefully a yummy smoothie of gorgeous organic fresh food will lift your spirits…beautiful nutrients for your body with little digestive effort! All the best …have been thinking about you a lot…. Love lynda

  5. Thanks for the update Craig. Your blogs are always a “must read” as soon as I receive them. I hope Mr. Nausea will not be present on your birthday and you will be able to enjoy a little something sweet and delicious. Hang in there my friend, you are in our thoughts and prayers daily.

  6. Craig sounds like you are having some rough spots there. Not the first time and won’t be the last. You keep negotiating for that new trial. It will be a pain going back and forth but well worth it if it works.
    You keep that chin up.
    Martha in iowa

  7. Hi Craig, don’t know if you are able to read comments from friends, but I think of you often. When I play golf with your lovely wife, I get little bits of news from her. Just know your blog is read by many, sick and healthy. You are truly an inspiration to us all. I always am excited to see what is next in your path to health. Big hugs, The Steinhauses.

  8. Thanks for sharing your recent journey. Hoping and praying Mr. N sees his shadow and goes underground for good, and that everything comes together for the study in Boston. Your treatment certainly has not effected your creativity! Great blog!

  9. Thank you for your always positive outlook even when you feel so crummy. You are an inspiration. Praying for you and Kim every day….one day at a time.

  10. You are very brave, Craig. I hope that new trial comes through, even if it is in Boston. Also, don’t forget my friend Peg. She’s available if you want to talk about the Optimum Health Institute. http://www.optimumhealth.org/ BTW, I’m still waiting on lunch! Hugs, Lynne

  11. Craig – I spend at least one hour at the beginning of every morning reading the Bible and other spiritual material. However, the most inspirational thing I ever read are your postings. You have a marvelous attitude and outlook on life. My wife, Jean, and I live near Boston and are available to assist you in any way should you come in our direction. In the meantime, you remain in my thoughts and prayers. David

  12. Stay in the game Craig. Sounds like the Mass Gen trial is a good possibility. Routing for you and Kim. Wish I knew more about homeopathic remedies for nausea … Have known people that have gotten some relief. Was great seeing you guys yesterday😄 Happy Birthday to a fellow Aquarian!!

  13. Fingers crossed for Boston, and hoping for good news. As always, your positive attitude is an inspiration. Here’s to safe travels – maybe some Boston chowder will whet your appetite! Hugs to Kim, and have a great birthday!

  14. “We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival.”
    ~Winston Churchill
    Dear Craig, you have inspired us all in ways none of us expected, or desired, given the reality of what you suffer. I can only surmise you have beome our insightful teacher, illuminating the realities of this retched disease, the emperor of all maladies, so that each of us will stand with you, and others to help rid our world of it. In your very personal blogs you’ve altered our outlook and intake of what it means to live with cancer. Fight on! ~M2

  15. More options, that is a good thing. You are amazing… Being able to blog and not feeling well is also a major feat.! You are always in our prayers. One day at a time as someone said.

  16. Craig — Boston would welcome you and I will too. I live about 20 miles south of the city and if you need help or a place to stay, please let me know. You are in my prayers. Hope you can make it out here soon.

  17. You know I am more of a stop by your office, unannounced kind of gal to say hi and see how you’re doing but I guess this will have to do. I really miss seeing you around the Fleet. I know you are a fighter and just know you are missed more than you know. There isn’t a day your name isn’t whispered in prayers for you and your family Craig. Keep going and kick A**. (Hope I don’t get in trouble for that one :)) xo MaryOB1

  18. Thanks for the update. I have been thinking of you a lot and wondering how things were going in the absence of your blogs. Here’s hoping that things turn around, Boston in your horizon, as well as positive thoughts for success with treatments.

  19. Dear Craig, It was good to see another post from you and get your update. I have been reading your posts for 2 years, ever since my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Because of your posts we knew what to expect from the disease and the treatment.
    God bless you and keep you. And have a Happy Birthday !

    Kay Bullock

    • Thanks Kay. I appreciate the note. But remember that everyone reacts differently even to the exact same treatments. However, I’m glad I am able to at least give you some ideas of what to expect. Being prepared is key to this journey.



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