July 27, 2015 (Mon) – A Triple Decker of Tasty and Not-So-Tasty Morsels

Triple Decker SandwichMy wife knows I love club sandwiches. She will invariably guess correctly when we go out to eat at a casual restaurant if a club sandwich is on the menu. What can I say? I like predictability and knowledge that I will enjoy all ingredients included in said sandwich. Call it comfort food. Or call it a boring husband.

Yet, my journey to date has been anything but predicable. Hopeful yes. Predictable? Not usually.

Thus begins my quickie (don’t go there) summary of my most recent triple decker sandwich, aka my set of 3 scans last Friday. Unfortunately not all ingredients were mouth watering. Smacking my lips and gagging at the same time – now that’s a lunch entree that would result in a nasty Yelp review.

BaconLet’s start with the bacon: My brain MRI came back, once you got through all of the medical gobbledygook, as “No significant change right cerebellar metastatic focus when compared with most recent exam...” Obviously not written with proper grammar in mind but I will forgive the transgression this time. Bottom line: upstairs fuzzy is hibernating, hopefully like Rip Van Winkle. Yea!

Triple mixtureNow mix some castor oil with pureed Brussels sprouts. I had no idea there was an “s” on the end of Brussel, did you? Squirrel!  In any case, make a nice paste with those two ingredients, perhaps add some Vegemite for texture and spread on your sandwich. That would be my kitty-cat (CT) scan of everything else. Again, skipping over the impossible-to-decipher technical jargon, here is what you get: “Progressive malignancy in the lungs and mediastinum. Suspect enlarging renal metastasis.” That’s where the gagging kicked in. But I was mentally prepared based on recent history and had my virtual barf bag handy. So no cookies were actually lost in the process. Bottom line: same ‘ol, same ‘ol story when compared to the scan results for the last 3-4 scans. Continued growth in the fuzzy boys below my noggin.

Triple mixture 2Finally, layer some Limburger cheese with anchovies and sprinkle some ground up ghost peppers (those that know, know) for good measure and you have completed my meal. Some of you might actually like this. Yeech. This last set of ingredients comprised my third scan – my shoulder MRI which, when chewed up and digested down to words I could understand, came out like this: “Magnetic resonance imaging of right shoulder demonstrates features (‘features?’ Really?) of an active inflammatory phase of adhesive capsulitis. Nonspecific focus of signal hyperintensity and replacement of fatty marrow within the coracoid process Frozen Shoulderpossibly reflecting a metastatic focus given the patient’s history of lung cancer. This focus may be mildly sclerotic on CT. Stress remodeling of the coracoid process is thought to be less likely.” Bottom line: Looks like I have a case of “frozen shoulder” which will probably be treated by an ultrasound guided injection of steroids directly into the achy area. Then most likely continued home PT rehab. Problem being that this may not be allowed under my current AZD9291 (A-team) trial. We shall see.

And if you nuke this sandwich to just charred remains, as I would suggest you do in any case, you may get what is alluded to in the last paragraph as “reflecting a metastatic focus…” So there is a possibility that not only do I have a frozen shoulder, but a fuzzy with a parka is hanging out in the tundra. The plan is to keep an eye on it and perhaps do another MRI on my shoulder after having received the steroid stab. Maybe it’s just an empty igloo. Stay tuned.

Had my regular lung-onc visit today but was seen by a sub since my regular onc was out of town. So, although he was not in a position to prescribe any specific course of action, he was pretty certain that we will be staying on the same route for at least another 6 weeks. He was especially happy that all of the parts he checked out seemed to be in fine operating condition. Obviously he did not check out all of my parts…

Business as usual. Day at a time.

21 thoughts on “July 27, 2015 (Mon) – A Triple Decker of Tasty and Not-So-Tasty Morsels

  1. Day at a time, indeed, Craig. Keep bringing those devastating twin weapons of “mass destruction” (get it?) – humor and a positive outlook – to Fuzzy’s front door, while the docs kick in the back door. Every one of these blog posts is bringing light to your family, friends and others trying to keep Fuzzy on the ropes. Cheers –

  2. Craig, i really do enjoy the way you put things together on your blog…such a clever person you are. I am lucky to have you as a brother in law removed from Mikey…It must be so damn confusing dealing with the medical system. My dad had stomach cancer and one scan would show no tumor, the next scan would show growth. It is hard on everyone of course as we gain hope and then lose it. I really don’t know what I would do if I was in your shoes. Go with the flow I guess…All the very best. Sharon shared with me the family trip you are going on in October..nice to have that to look forward to..living like royalty!!! As of course we all are in our own ways. Much love and admiration, Lynda

    • Thanks Lynda, I appreciate your very nice comments. Yes, we are definitely looking forward to Pebble Beach. If I had a bucket list, that would be on it.

      Take care.


  3. Thanks for the update, Craig. I really find the actual medical “findings” interesting — it helps me understand what is really going on. Keep that positive attitude — it’s brought you this far and will take you much farther! Lunch soon!

  4. The “good” news is, that at our age – frozen shoulder seems to be the norm! I had rotator cuff surgery after frozen shoulder a few months ago – every other person I talk to has had a frozen shoulder consequently I am voting that you have the ubiquitous body malfunction of people “of a certain age”.

    • Thanks Lynn, I had no idea it was this common. Hoping to avoid surgery so we will see how this injection goes, assuming they will let me have one.


  5. Having a hard time getting those food images & combinations (gag) out of my mind EEWW. Grateful that the noggin is good, As for the rest of it? Raise a glass of Rombauer,with Kim with your good arm…Prayers still comin at ya! See you soon…Kris

  6. Juicing in the a.m. and wining in the p.m. and A-team as prescribed will keep you blogging,,,and entertaining all of us followers. Continued positive thoughts and prayers sent your way, Team Craig and Kim! Take care…

  7. Hiya CB – love your enduring positivity throughout this journey and keeping you in prayer – would love to treat you to lunch – you used to love the “Queen of Hearts” as I recall? Regards, Grant


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