June 7, 2015 (Sun) – I’m Just an Itsy, Bitsy Spider

Itsy spiderI’ll be the first one to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of spiders. Right now my wife is reading this and going “Not a big fan? You hate them!” Well, let’s not exaggerate. Hate them? Nah. Afraid of them? Not as long as they keep their distance. But walking through a spider web would definitely send me into muscle-pulling, swatting gyrations wondering where the little bugger was.

Unfortunately what my father passed down to me and my brothers (let’s call it respect for spiders), my son BrownWidowinherited as well. Yet he had the ultimate scare that sends tingles down my spine. See the picture on the right? That is a brown widow spider, something I did not know existed until that fateful day a few years back. If you tap on the picture to get the bigger version, you will not only get a better view of its hourglass signature, you will also notice the white round edge on the perimeter. And that, my friends, is the edge of a toilet bowl. Getting the picture? My son discovered this 8-legger after making use of the facilities in a sit down mode. Now that will give you the heebie-jeebies.

But where does the itsy-bitsy (aka incy wincy) version come in? Not sure if this is a universal nursery rhyme so I will repeat the verse here:

The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the waterspout.
Down came the rain
and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun
and dried up all the rain
and the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again

Now if that does not describe a cancer journey, I’m not sure what does. Each time I feel like I am near the top of the drain spout, along comes a rainstorm (eg. bad scans) that knocks me back. Then a new treatment comes along, whether it’s Tarceva or AZD9291, which dries up all the rain and allows me to climb back up. Now with my new set of scans coming up this Friday the 12th, I am hoping this California drought keeps up.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


8 thoughts on “June 7, 2015 (Sun) – I’m Just an Itsy, Bitsy Spider

  1. Well…..one thing is certain that the cancer has not stifled your creative juices!!! And, I do remember Brett and the brown widow incident.

  2. My daughter is terrified of spiders. I think, like snakes, that fear of these critters comes from deep in our DNA coding.

    I’ll be thinking of you on the 12th. I start up the drain spout again myself on the 11th, when I take my first dose of CO-1686. I like the metaphor (or is it simile) that this little poem suggests for dealing with cancer. Perseverance and resilience will stand us in good stead.

  3. Oh my! Only you Craig could SPIN a “crapper” of a spider story into a reminder to keep the positive thoughts going for you for the 12th. LOL….and just for you I’ll take the drought! By the way, glad this Friday is the 12th and not the 13th….that must represent the positive.

  4. Looking for you at the top of the spout after it is all over on Friday. In the meantime we keep you at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers. We know this is not an easy journey yet we are standing with you and Kim all the way.


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