March 20, 2015 (Fri) – Forty Shades of Gray

Fifty  shadesDidn’t want the Internet police to nix my blog title for copyright reasons. Plus I can’t say that this situation rises quite to the level of fifty. No soft-porn scenes being described below. No black and white checkerboard to describe my current state of affairs. And no, I’m not having one. Affair that is.

This morning I had my double-your-pleasure CT and MRI scans back-to-back. The fact that it took the nurse four sticks to get an IV in place should have given me a clue as to the eventual outcome.

This afternoon I had my follow-up regular onc-doc appointment and he already had the scan results. Not one for wasting time, particularly since he was already running more than an hour behind, his first words were something along the lines of “some additional growth is evidenced.”  I have a variety of locations in and around my lungs that show various levels of nastiness but most of them have remained stable. But apparently the ones that popped (not pooped) up recently have been eating some Wheaties or something and have “progressed” somewhat. How big somewhat is remains to be seen. I’ll have to do some line by line comparisons with the last scan write up.

As for the brain MRI, there may possibly, perhaps, maybe, perchance, could, be slight growth in the fuzzy in my brain. But it appears to be Hmmmwithin the realm of measurement error so it’s not something that has me overly concerned at this point. I know my overeager radio-doc will want to zap it anyway and has already set up a meeting on Monday to discuss frying the bugger. I will not go down that path, however, unless fuzzy gains some significant weight.

So things are definitely in somewhat of a gray area. I’m not sure if the progression is enough to get me kicked out of the AZD9291 (A-Team) Kick outdrug trial. I should find out more when I chat up my lung-onc-doc on Monday. And if it is enough to cut me from the team, I’ll find out if I have any options other than chemo.

Later this afternoon, after my onc appointment, I had my monthly Zometa infusion. It took them 3 tries to get it right. I feel like a dartboard. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “stick it to me.” Tricky valves is what I Dartboardunderstand to be the challenge.

Eh, small stuff. Heck, I’m still sticking myself once a day with my Lovely-nox injections so what’s a few more?

Well, whatever the next phase is in my treatment, if there is a change, it will have to wait until we return from our Hawaiian vacation. Yup, once again off to hula-hula town. Can’t wait.

Team Craig Logo - final (Small)Several of you have been very generous in joining and/or donating to Team Craig – Get Fuzzy. The Breathe of Hope Walk is on April 19th, only a month away. I would love to have an avalanche of walkers in support of Moores Cancer Center and myself. Please consider joining us. Or if that is not possible, a contribution to support lung cancer research and treatment would be very much appreciated. Click here to either join the walk or make a donation. Be sure to select Team Craig under “additional information.” Thank you for your consideration.

Business as usual. Day at a time. Aloha.


15 thoughts on “March 20, 2015 (Fri) – Forty Shades of Gray

    • Sandy, I drank a ton. But I am very tricky and it takes someone with a lot of experience to get it on the first time. I’m kinda used to it. But not 7 tries to get two sticks. 🙂 I shouldn’t have warned them ahead of time – I think I jinxed them.

      • Ooh, I like that idea. Gotta go in on Monday for my EKG and labs so I hope they do not repeat the performance. Feeling a bit holy, er, holey right now.

        Love ya,


  1. Aw darn it. Well, I hope it turns out to be nothing much. Could they do targeted radiation at the new little spots and keep you on the trial? I know Camidge has championed that in the past. Best of luck, and have a great time in Hawaii!

    • Tori, thanks for the note. Originally in my journey they attempted targeted radiation and stopped it after 7 days as it appeared that was having no effect and they were concerned about additional zapping causing damage. That’s when Tarceva kicked in and did a number on the fuzzies. That’s not to say radiation isn’t an option but we will have to take that course of action carefully. I should know more on Monday. Stay tuned.


  2. Craig. You have yourself a great time in Hawaii. Traveling always makes things better doesn’t it? We are still doing chemo here in iowa. Not really sure if it’s doing much good have more scans in a few weeks. My husband would be right there with you on the brain mets. He didn’t like it and doesn’t look forward to more of that. You make the best decision for you.
    Always look forward to your and danns reports.

    • Martha, yeah, unless the little guy upstairs jumps from 6mm to 12mm, I’m not gonna go down that path yet. I’m sure my eager-to-zap-me radiologist might have a different take but that is not the one that is of current concern.



  3. Day by day, my friend. Mike looks like an addict, he is being punch by needles so much. And I remember those wonderful days of lovey-lox. We are hanging in there with you. In my thoughts and prayers daily.

  4. Hi Craig
    Just wondering why you wouldn’t want to zap the fuzzies while they are very small in the brain? I recently was going for a trial and had to have a brain MRI to make sure there was nothing in there but a brain. Well it showed three little fuzziest that we didn’t know about. I had to address them to quilify for the trial. Turns out I didn’t qualify anyway because while clearing up the brain the cancer progressed in my liver. Go figure! Anyway I hope you continue to do well in this fight. Also have you considered a port? I just got one after having so much anxiety over being stuck and having the same problems.

    • Donna, I’ll tackle these in reverse order. Now that I have organized my appointments so that I have a full 6 weeks apart, I didn’t want to do a port. But, I may see if they can put one in on the very first appointment and then keep it for the couple days it would take to finish everything off. This time was particularly “sticky.” As for zapping the brain fuzzy while it’s still small, you sound like my radiologist. And you make a very good point. There was some question at the beginning as to whether it might just be an artifact that came up and since it really hadn’t changed size, I was not sure it was even a nasty. However, he pulled up the Feb and March images side by side on his hi-def screen and I do see that there was a small increase of maybe 1-2mm.

      I wanted to hold off to be sure this was in fact a bad guy before I risked further radiation in an area that was already radiated. I was warned that I would risk permanent damage because of that. So that is why I opted not to jump in. We are off on a Hawaiian vacation and I will be chatting with my wife and brother to get their input. I will need 15 days straight of treatment so I have to be sure I will be in town. I’ll be calling my radio-doc when I return with my plan. Stay tuned.



  5. Hope you are enjoying your trip!!!! Live it up while I am feeling good is what I say. I want no regrets when the time comes and I can’t do it any more. Currently in Tampa Florida getting ready to hit Clearwater beach for the day. Life is good today

    • Donna, yup, although I do not have a bucket list per se, I am definitely working on having as much fun as I can, while I can. And the idea is to keep pushing out that date as long as I can. Enjoy Florida. I’m certainly enjoying Hawaii (Oahu).


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