March 3, 2015 (Tues) – To the Dark Side and Back

Darth VaderNo, Darth Vader is not my father. But I will be the first to admit that I dipped my toes into the dark side pool this past week. Normally The Force has worked to keep me away from the temptation of sliding into the choke grip of dismay. Yes, last week was a tough one mentally. Tougher for the families that lost loved ones. Unfortunately that is the world I share right now. Life isn’t fair.Im back

But as Randy Quaid said in Independence Day, Hello, boys! I’m BAAAAAACK! 

Sorry, I know many of you are “girls,” but the quote is the quote. In any case, as a result of my Force, and that would be all of you, I’ve slid very quickly back into the yellow scale of my chart. From personal e-mails (thank you Carol), to blog comments (many of you), to a bottle of Rombauer (thank you Pam), to a phone call from Portland (thanks Dann), to a comfort hug (thanks Mike), my foray into the blue zone was short lived. And once again, my rock, aka Kim, kept me sane. So yes, back to business as usual telling lame jokes and offering up dreadful puns. Hmm, you might have preferred that I stayed a bit right.

Nah. I know better.

So, a short blog. But I did want to let you know that I’ve seen the dark side and never want to return. Something tells me my peeps won’t let that happen. Thank you peeps.

Team Craig Logo - final (Small)Just a quick reminder if you are able to walk and/or support Team Craig – Get Fuzzy in the Breath of Hope Walk, click here to make that happen. There has been some confusion if you just wanted to make a donation. I’ve updated the links to take you directly to the registration page where you make that happen, and/or register to walk. Clicking on “Donate Now” from the original link I provided does not allow you to specify a team to support. You have to be on the registration page. On the 4th row down you can make your donation. Then the section below that allows you to select the team. If any of you have made a donation via the “donate now” link, please let me know and I can get them credited to our team. A couple of you indicated you’ve made donations but they are not showing up so perhaps that is what happened.

Several of you have already signed up and made additional donations. And some very good friends and my brother made large lead donations for the team. Did I tell you I have awesome friends and family?

Business as usual. Day at a time.


9 thoughts on “March 3, 2015 (Tues) – To the Dark Side and Back

  1. Feelin’ mellow yellow :-))))) Not able to join in on the walk that day but I clicked your link to donate and I don’t see how to designate to Team Craig-Get Fuzzy. ?????? Yes, it is all for a good cause but I want your team to keep inching up the leader board.

  2. I completely understand the range of emotions … At least on the spouse side. We have quarterly checkups at the University of Washington Medical Center. EVERY one of them is an “opportunity” for bad news … Every one is a “pins and needles” event and we’ve been on this “plan” for 10 years. Because we know every intervention in prostate cancer (thus far) has its limits, and everyone responds differently, every checkup is a test … Of many so many things … Because we’ve been on this journey for so long (many many many thanks to the universe!!) we have experienced the loss of many friends … Our thoughts, prayers, empathies, fears, hopes …. Are with you …

  3. I’m on the Team with a survivor donation – although I’ll be walking in spirit only (although it would be pretty darn good for me to get out and walk 5k here in northern NY). I’m familiar also with the territory you’ve been visiting. It’s all natural and normal, I’m dealing with some not-the-greatest-of-news right now myself, so I’ve got a lot of empathy, dude. Glad to see you’re not wallowing.

  4. Glad your spirits are up! I won’t be able to join you this year, as I will be in Europe for the first time. But I will certainly support you with a donation! Hi Kim!!


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