March 1, 2015 (Sun) – What Color is my Dress?

DressBy now, everyone has seen the dress picture that has gone viral. Almost as hot as the ice bucket challenge but without the staying power. It’s obviously white and gold. “Yeah, right,” some of you black-and-bluers are saying. But the true color is not all that important.

You’ll notice that I titled this blog using the possessive determiner “my.” Possessive determiner? I hCraig in dressad to grammar-Google that for the benefit of, well, you know who you are. My close friends from work or Camp Ronald McDonald will suspect I’m actually talking about some of my excursions into the less-than-macho skirt world. Yes, the evidence is clear. But these all have really good explanations. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

But once again, I am really delving into more of a metaphor instead of any estrogen leanings. As it relates to my journey, I can’t say that a full box of Crayolas would come into play. Instead, a better descriptor would be a range from white to black, with fifty shades of gray in
White-black stripbetween. Boy, I bet those soft-porn Googlers will be surprised when my blog pops up as they search that movie/book title.

So white would be BC (before cancer) and black would be, well, I really would find my name in the obits. I’ve been up and down that scale but staying mostly in the first, leftmost half. As my scans come back clean, I drift left. But news of progression, or blood clots, or other challenges, slides it back to Rush Limbaugh territory. And since I’m a Democrat, I prefer keeping it in blue state territory. At the moment, I’d say I’m an independent around midpoint with some recent scans, as you know, coming back with some new fuzzies apparently. I’ll know more when I have my next set on March 20th.

The white-black scale is more of a how-I’m-doing-physically one. But there is another scale of equal importance (in my opinion). That would be the yellow-blue scale describing my current frame of mind. Heading off to Hawaii after clean scans would put me in Pollyanna yellow Yellow-Blue stripterritory. News of other cancer blogger deaths slides me right into funkdom. And that is where I am at today. Just this past week, we lost two cancer bloggers with a third probably soon to follow. One of them only 9 months after diagnosis. After having my head pulled out of the sand with my last scan results, this was a 2×4 broadside that has funked me out. Still trying to stay ahead of the wave, and so far managing. But news that it has swallowed up a couple blogger brethren and is currently holding one down brings the whole mortality issue right in front of my face where I can no longer ignore it. Scary stuff. It’s pushing me right on that funk meter but you all have done a great job at not letting me venture too far in that direction. Keep it up.

Once again, I will be reprising my role as a marathoner at the upcoming Breath of Hope Walk on Sunday, April 19th. OK, maybe a 5K slow Team Craig Logo - final (Small)walker. This walk is to support Moores Cancer Center where I am currently receiving my treatment as part of the AZD9291 (A-Team) drug trial. Last year we had by far the largest team in number of walkers. This year my goal is 100 of you out there wearing red Team Craig – Get Fuzzy shirts. I know we can do it. Will you join me? We also had the 2nd highest donation level. Not bad for a first-year team, eh? I hope all of you that were able to join me last year will consider digging out your red shirts to help support Moores and me. I will be getting more red shirts so not finding, or having tossed, yours is no excuse. For the newbies, please consider an early morning Sunday stroll. But even if you can’t be there in person, I’d like our team to come out on top in the fundraising category as well. Click here to join the walk or make a donation. Follow the prompts. You can make a donation on that same page without registering to walk. Be sure you are showing Team Craig – Get Fuzzy in your selection. Thanks for everyone’s support.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


12 thoughts on “March 1, 2015 (Sun) – What Color is my Dress?

  1. It’s all about the “dress”…no trouble……in the wardrobe dep’t for you! Sorry about the “uptown funk” you are in….at least you are “uptown” of being really “downtown”. Hope your color spectrums can to a little electric slide to the left…..not your politics, just your physicality and sate of mind. And as for the 50 shades of grey….it comes with the aging territory, and looks good on you! Hope no more bad/sad news in the cards for you or any of your peeps.
    Hang in there Craig as you go about your business as usual one day at a time.
    XO Karen “W”

  2. As the Breath of Hope Walk conflicts with the Boston Marathon we are unable to join in the walk this year. We have joined the “Team Fuzzy” donation team and will be walking with you in spirit. Save our place for the 2016 walk as we will be there! Hugs…EZ

  3. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your fellow bloggers. I guess all we can do in times of sorrow is take a deep breath….maybe a few deep breaths. Consider the universe, the big picture, and all the awful and wonderful things that living on this Planet entail. And then find our way to put the next foot forward. Hope you two have a wonderful time in Hawaii, no matter what! XO L

  4. Hey Craig, The dress looks gold and white to me. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your fellow bloggers. I know this weighs heavy on your heart and mind. We pray daily for you for a peace that surpasses all understanding and keeps you clearly in the yellow stage. We’re signed up to walk and want to order Team Craig T-shirts. Hugs, Julie

    • Julie & Ernie, thank you for support, as always. Sliding back into yellow territory. J As we get closer, we will get an updated list of those that need shirts. Glad you can join us this time.


  5. If there is any way we can be there to support you Craig, we will. Please know we are in your corner, rooting for you and voting with our wallets.

  6. Okay, Craig. I just donated again this year, since I won’t be in San Diego on April 19th. Here’s hoping we keep doing this (you walking and me donating) long enough for me to go broke, and long enough for you to be seeing yellow (gold?) and white. Just like the dress.

  7. Although I have been quiet on the blog front (but not in a writing funk – just working on a few other pieces) you are often in my thoughts and I am sending bright blue vibes your way!

    • Thanks Pam. A momentary dip but I am back now thanks to my entire support group not letting me dwell in the blue scale very long. That would include you. Take care.


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