January 19, 2015 (Mon) – A Musical Guide to My Lung Cancer Journey

Beer BottlesConsidering this is my 99th blog post since beginning this crazy journey, I was tempted to use a different song to lead off with. However, I don’t think any well-known artists ever hit the top 20 with 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. How many of us used this song to pass the time while driving long distances before there were books on tape or even 8-track tapes? Or just to drive someone crazy? Guilty.

But as always, I digress before even getting started.writersblock

You haven’t heard from me in several weeks. Lots of excu, er, valid reasons for that. But the bottom line is, I had writer’s block. You already knew of the latest scan results with a new set not due until the second week in February. And no new side effects of my A-team drug, and I know how much you look forward to hearing about those. So no news = good news. But not necessarily = creative blog material. So I began thinking about how certain song titles could directly match up with various aspects of my journey. So here’s your ticket to ride

Almost two years ago, life as we knew it changed forever. I was like a candle in the wind. But with a little help from my friends (and family), I realized music-note 1that you’ll never walk alone. While my situation is always on my mind, I’ve got a lot of living to do. Of course, if I could put time in a bottle, I’d love to go back and for once in my life, change the course of my journey. But do you want to know a secret? I’m walking away a winner after everything I’ve learned in the past 23 months. But I’m definitely not walking away. Had to make the song title fit, ya know.

Yesterday I was oblivious to the possibility of ending up with lung cancer. Today I’m a believer. And much more knowledgeable. More than I want sometimes. It has occasionally been a hard day’s night. I wanted someone, anyone, to tell me why I was “selected” for this challenge. I was a nowhere man. But after being a day tripper for a short period of time, and fretting for eight days a week, I came to accept my new “normal” and let it be. Wow, that was almost an exclusively Beatles paragraph.music-note 2

But almost two years later, I’m surviving, thriving and stayin’ alive. In my life, I’ve never seen such support. You raise me up, stand by me and come rain or come shine, you are always there. And that makes me happy. You’ve never let me consider quittin’ time. That’s just the way you are. And by “you,” I mean all of you: family, friends, blog commenters and just those that read my blog but stay in the background. When I’m 64, a little more than two years from now, I know we’ll be having a celebration with my fourth survivor year approaching.

As of right now, all I can say is how sweet it is. What a wonderful life. But that’s the way you make me feel. Lots of challenges coming up but all you need is love to break past them. And I’ve got gobs of that from you all. Plus I haven’t got time for the pain. We’re gonna beat it. We just have to walk this way.

Don’t stop believing.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


27 thoughts on “January 19, 2015 (Mon) – A Musical Guide to My Lung Cancer Journey

  1. That’s a good one craig. Very well put. Our Tarceva stopped working around New Years. Started growing in liver. But stable in back and lung for now. Stopped Tarceva and started chemo. Was disappointed no new pills for us. We will see how this goes. Take care of yourself. I look forward to your and danns blogs

  2. I love your creativity. Sometimes it’s a hard days night but as long as everything’s coming up roses, all is well that ends well. Sorry I couldn’t think of a title for that last one. Go out there and have another great day. Love, Ann

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  3. Excellent Craig! In all aspects of life, it’s one day at a time…..and you’ve done it well and help others get through the hard times……

  4. Not sure how the CFO part of your brain works so well with that Creative part, but I love it! Your post brought up some great memories esp from the summer of ’69 Be well my friend

  5. Oh Craig, YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL to us, and if we had a chance we would take you on the MARRAKESH EXPRESS. This nightmare appears to be a LONG TIME GONE. WHEN I SEE YOU SMILE, it’s more beautiful than WOODEN SHIPS. Just want you to know—YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME and this year and every year at the annual Dougall’s Christmas Eve Party ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU!

  6. This post was a Thriller, Craig! So glad to hear that you’re such a Daydream Believer that you Haven’t Got Time for the Pain. Thanks for the Memories, but since Yesterday none of those songs are Goin Outta My Head. So long for now, Until We Meet Again. Thank You for Being a Friend.

  7. Craig, you obviously don’t listen to Country Music, otherwise you would be singing a sad song of how the cancer came back, your woman doesn’t understand you and your dog left town!
    Keep up the cheery tunes!

  8. Craig, Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! And even more your positive outlook on life! You are my hero! Julie


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