October 17, 2014 (Fri) – Business as Usual…Not

How dare I ruin the sign-off I use for every post by changing it? Remember from my last post: sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t…stay tuned.

But first, since my Marketing Director convinced me I am no marketeer (actually it didn’t take any convincing), I will shoot Microscopemy wad (not sure I want to know where that expression came from) by getting to the good stuff right up front. To quote my lung-onc after reviewing my CT scans of my lungs from the tubular zapping I had a week ago: “the tumors are barely visible.” And she has good eyes. If I was Life Insurereviewing the images with my eyesight, I would have declared myself cured. Good thing I’m not a doc either. I talked with my wife via phone from here in Raleigh and in response to the good news she said: “I guess I’m going to have you around for a little longer, eh?” Someone else I might have suspected a note of disappointment because my life insurance policy was not going to be collected on any time soon. But this statement, coming from my wife instead, was her way of expressing her relief and gratefulness for the results. I love being able to have a little off-beat humor banter between us.

And the reason I have not updated my posts earlier was that there was some difference in opinion as to what my brain MRI showed. The lab report writeup says “an interval development of an ill-defined nodular enhancement,” whatever the hell Pointingthat means. A second opinion from a neuro-onc-doc at UCSD says they can see no difference between this MRI and the last one I had at UCSD which was normal. I’ll take that opinion over the other, thank-you-very-much. But I have another more finely sliced (higher resolution) MRI scheduled when I return to town late next week. By the way, why does the term “sliced” not engender positive thoughts with Halloween coming up? Hmmm.

Remember my recent post about my visit to Epic Sciences where I spoke in front of their whole company? Not too long afterwards one of the employees there sent me a note that I will cut and paste here:

Thank you so much for coming to speak at Epic. I enjoyed your presentation and it was very informative and I didn’t know at the time how important it would be to my own life just merely days later. Your attitude spirit was inspirational and I was very touched by your story. In a strange turn of events, my non smoking healthy mom was just diagnosed with stage 3b adenocarcinoma lung cancer. It gave me a lot of strength knowing your story and how you have experienced things and helped me know what to expect when waiting for all the tests for the last two weeks. We just saw an oncologist for the first time today at City of hope in LA and I am looking forward to my mom starting treatment soon! Please keep in touch! Thank you again for sharing your story!

Now that is why I blog. OK, not the only reason but it sure feels good when I realize that some of you are getting some positive benefit out of my rantings.

So, why would business not be usual? For my Facebook friends, you know why. A week ago I got a call from my wife while I House floodwas at Home Depot (my favorite hangout) telling me to get my rear home. The reason? A major flood in our house that left 3 inches of water in our bathroom and into my office and master bedroom. The plastic connection on the end of the hose connecting the water supply valve to the toilet just snapped with nobody in the room. Luckily my wife was outside so this only went on for 20-30 minutes before she discovered it. Imagine if we had been out of town? I don’t want to imagine that.

But of course the water seeped under the drywall into the living room where we have (I should say had) a 3/4″ solid wood floor. No longer. warped floorIt totally warped out and has since been torn up and hauled off. We now have a very nice concrete living room floor. Of course our carpet was only 6 weeks old. Of course. Why couldn’t that have Carpet fanshappened 8 weeks ago? We could have gotten our new carpet paid for. My wife jumped on the phone and called ServPro to come out and suck up the mess and leave behind a dozen very loud fans that ran 24/7 for two days straight. Had to sleep in the den the first night and our guest room the 2nd (once my wife bought a bed to be delivered the same day).

I’d say, “eh, small stuff,” but I’d be lying this time. This is pretty big stuff. But my wife is handling everything including dealing with the insurance issues, carpet and wood floor replacement etc. Gotta hand it to her, she jumped right in and just took care of business. Today she had the guy who remodeled out kitchen come over to give her a quote on the flooring. I suspect she was also working on a quote to completely remodel our master bath and office area, taking advantage while her hubby is out of town. Gotta work those frequent flyer miles back up, eh? Who knows what I’ll be coming back to.Cup

While at our friend’s home outside of Boston, in addition to the multiple bottles of Rombauer we were treated to, I was also given the gift that I model here. Very cool.

Toasting DannSo my buddy Dann, as you know, was admitted to the trial here in San Diego. He and his wife flew down last Monday and we had dinner together. Originally my wife was going to cook but since our house was a bit discombobulated, we went to the restaurant where my son is the chef. But before we left for dinner, we knocked off a bottle of Rombauer that Dann had brought in celebration. We brought our own BA-BA to the restaurant so we ended up polishing off two bottles in total. Now that’s a celebration. On Tuesday he popped his first A-team pill, duplicating the selfie holding the first pill I posted back in July when it was my turn. So happy he got in.

So it has been 20 months since my first diagnosis. Yes, I have had to deal with constant needle pokes, radiation, multiple Lyle LovettMRI’s, CT and PET Scans, twice a day injections of Lovenox into my rapidly black and bluing stomach, a fat leg and foot, daily pill popping, and worst of all, Lyle Lovett hair. But I will take all of that, and then some, because it means I’m still around to take all of that. And then some. I think I might throw a huge party in February when I hit my two-year mark. Anyone care to join me?

Business as (not) usual. Day at a time.


20 thoughts on “October 17, 2014 (Fri) – Business as Usual…Not

  1. Such great news! Thanks for sharing. Will continue to keep you in our prayers; sending lots of love, healing thoughts & positive energy your way!

  2. Your wife would never do anything without your permission! How could you even think such a thing. I love you like crazy…..just remember that.

  3. It was so great to see you yesterday (thank you for treating me and June!), and even better to hear the good report news this morning. Keep on keeping on, and thank you for sharing!

  4. Craig. Great news. Also glad Dann and his wife came for dinner. That’s neat. My husband has his 6 months scans in the next two weeks hope he dies as well as you guys are doing.
    Martha in Iowa.

  5. Craig. Great news. Also glad Dann and his wife came for dinner. That’s neat. My husband has his 6 months scans in the next two weeks hope he does as well as you guys are doing.
    Martha in Iowa.

  6. Good to hear good reports.

    Heck, seems perfectly normal that the great flood would occur when you are headed out of town. Gives Kim more time and reason to remodel… Business as usual!

    Hugs from NYC where it is 70 and clear. Home to BP tomorrow via Amtrak….Framingham for TJs wine, then home to Nikki.

    Enjoy the other coast! EZ

    Ellen Knight 858 774-1589


  7. Good news my friend…you’re such a brave soul, Craig> A warrior really….and PS suggestion> (in Craig-type format) I hate to say this but you might wish to consider (you better do this) With a flood of that magnitude..open up the walls not poke holes but open em up….otherwise, you may be looking at a mold issue down the road…then try to collect from your insurance…been there….such a mess. Insurance company because my worst nightmare when I asked (ok demanded) the walls be opened up….disaster clean up companies are typically told to fan & run…. Hugs, kp

  8. Craig, Party in February… Let’s really “break in” all the new flooring and CELEBRATE both you and Kim! You both are steadfast and so AMAZING! God’s Blessings Always!

  9. So let’s see… You’ve been busy parting the Red Sea in your house, shrinking your tumors to almost out of sight in just three months, and helping me get into the clinical trial. When are you going to pull out the cape and tights?

    Count us in for the celebration in February!

  10. We are totally elated to hear the results of your medical tests! Saddened to hear about the flood. We too have a cement floor in our family room and kitchen – it’s very chic you know! Yes, we will join you in February for the celebration (2045 that is)!

  11. The Epic employee is so right. Your writing does give strength; I know it has helped me and my family tremendously. The facts you share and your good attitude about it all has made things a bit less overwhelming for us. Thank you — and FYI, we are already celebrating your good results, even before February! 🙂 P.S. Loved the Lyle Lovett joke and pic!

  12. GREAT NEWS ON YOUR CT SCANS CRAIG! Sorry to read about the bathroom flood, but hey, compared to other problems you are mastering this is not something that is going to cause you to loose any sleep. Keep sending the good news; you are constantly in our prayers.

  13. Hi Craig, that is great news about your lung scan! Thanks again for sharing! My mom started her chemo and radiation treatment today and it went really well. Let’s shrink those tumors!



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