September 21, 2014 (Sun) – Life in the Slow Lane

Slow laneWhat fun is that? Life in the slow lane? Aren’t I supposed to be rapidly checking off items on my bucket list? That would usually mean traveling in the fast lane. Then again, you have to have a bucket list in order to cross things off. And I don’t. Nor do I have a frog list. You know, things you want to do before you croak. Or a haunted list – things you do before you give up the ghost. OK, I just made that one up. But you get the jist.

Why the heck don’t I have one of the aforementioned gotta-do’s? Doesn’t everyone, especially those in skydive graphicmy situation, have a dozen or more items that they want to accomplish before the inevitable? Visit every National League stadium? Drive a race car on a Le Mans track? Sky dive?

For some reason, and I can’t really explain why, I have none of those urges. Or anything else that I consider necessary for a fulfilled life. Heck, if I had a list and completed it, then what? I guess you could say I do have bucket-lista bucket list consisting of one solitary item: living until I’m 90. That doesn’t mean I don’t plan on having all the fun I can in the meantime. A lot of people might have traveling to Hawaii on their list. Heck, we’ve done that multiple times. I’ve traveled to Europe twice. Several trips to Canada. A Caribbean cruise. Married my perfect match. Two wonderful kids. I guess I’ve probably checked off a bunch of things on other people’s lists.

Other than the aforementioned (very) high points, I prefer day-to-day simple pleasures rather than planning for some bungee jumping expedition off the Golden Gate Bridge. Golf, softball with my son, dinner with Duffy boatfriends (with, of course, Rombauer), my Rotary involvement, Duffy Boat cruises in Newport Harbor with my family, even watching Groundhog Day for the 20th time. These are the things that make my life very enjoyable. And the types of things I look forward to.

OK, guess I was continuing my philo-babble from the last blog. Time to switch gears.

A guy I know from the Old Pros club I belong to came across my blog a while back. A week and a half ago he invited me to his company, Epic Sciences, to chat with what I thought was to be a half dozen or so of his lab staff. His company is working on developing blood tests that could eventually replace invasive procedures like biopsies to detect types of cancer or cancer mutations. That would be a wonderful technological breakthrough in this biz. In any case he thought it would be epic_sciencesgood to have his staff meet someone on the other end – someone who was a beneficiary of the type of work they are doing. Little did I know he had invited his whole company for this one-hour informal chat. I joked with them that our little get-together was probably a $10,000 meeting. I was sitting at a belly up table with my buddy who threw softball questions at me in front of 65 people. An amazing experience. I got as much or more out of it than they did as I now got to see the type of people behind the research and genetic breakthroughs that have kept me alive with designer cancer drugs.

This past week I discovered that my blog has just passed the 50,000 “views” threshold. Wow. As Sally Fields said, “You like me. You really like me.” Actually I think it’s one person (my wife?) clicking on my blog 50,000 times to humor me. But it shows you must appreciate some off-beat, and sometimes sick, jocularity. Yeah, just my type. 🙂Shaving bloodElectric razor

Still trying to get used to shaving with an electric razor. Had to give up the blade as slicing and dicing was probably a bit too much of a risk now with the thinner blood coursing through my veins. OK, maybe not of all of them.

Still dealing with a fat foot as I guess it will take a long time for the clots to dissolve away. Small stuff. Actually got to play golf yesterday at an awesome course. Held up quite well. Surprisingly had 4 pars and a birdie on the back nine. You’ll notice I’m not mentioning the front half of my escapades. But once more: a simple pleasure. And with family. Doesn’t get much better.

Scottish fightersAnd finally, my daughter brought me a present back from Scotland where she went on her honeymoon. It was a set of 5 small Scottish Highlander warrior figurines. Still didn’t get it until she told me that these fighters have a motto of Bydand, meaning steadfast, loyal, enduring and courageous. Very cool. I’m going to place them all over the place where I will see them daily.

Who needs a bucket list?

Business as usual. Day at a time.


14 thoughts on “September 21, 2014 (Sun) – Life in the Slow Lane

  1. Bydand, meaning steadfast, loyal, enduring and courageous….heck, your family and friends have known this all along…about time you realized it! One thing you have cancer to thank for.
    One Day at a Time!! EZ

  2. I think as we experience the years that pass in our lives, each day we fulfill something on the
    so-called “bucket list”, big events, small moments…..just ones that are special to ourselves.
    Actually, I believe that the best we can learn along the way is to ‘live in the moment’. From what I hear and read about you Craig….you’ve always known this 🙂 Good thoughts daily for you!

  3. Love reading your blogg Craig, it’s like reading a letter from a friend, life’s ups and downs, hiccups in life, but it’s allways a pleasure , your upbeat humor , keep smiling friend. Ren x

  4. Craig and Kim….Ellen and I are looking forward to seeing you soon……the woods will be in their full colorful glory for your arrival and the cupboards are well stocked. All the very best…..your visit is on our bucket list…..EZ

  5. Hi Craig,

    Thank you so much for coming to speak at Epic. I enjoyed your presentation and it was very informative and I didn’t know at the time how important it would be to my own life just merely days later. Your attitude spirit was inspirational and I was very touched by your story. In a strange turn of events, my non smoking healthy mom was just diagnosed with stage 3b adenocarcinoma lung cancer. It gave me a lot of strength knowing your story and how you have experienced things and helped me know what to expect when waiting for all the tests for the last two weeks. We just saw an oncologist for the first time today at City of hope in LA and I am looking forward to my mom starting treatment soon! Please keep in touch! Thank you again for sharing your story!


    • Sharon, so sorry to hear about your mom. This disease is pretty indiscriminate sometimes.

      If you or she ever want to chat, please let me know. As you can see, I’m not shy about telling my story and am certainly willing to offer any help I can. If she is down this way, I’d be glad to meet with her as well. You can email me at

      Take care. I’ll be thinking about you and your mom.



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