August 18, 2014 (Mon) – …And the Roller Coaster Takes a Big Dip

Just when you thought it was safe. Hey, it was Shark Week after all. So no telling what could happen. You could get caught in a sharknado, for example.  image    

Well, because I really did not have any content for a blog update, I was going to make this a more philosophical one. Sorry Lynn, you’ll have to wait.

Instead, I am typing my blog tonight on my iPad while lying in a hospital bed. Surprise, surprise, surprise! So, as before, don’t expect much of the cutesy graphics because it’s much more complicated using this device.

So how did I arrive at this location you ask? Glad you asked.

Just when I was finishing my last entry blogging about how well I was feeling, the worm began to turn. I was feeling short of breath again (abbreviated S.O.B. of course) and after a couple days got an appointment for what I expected would be my lucky 3rd lung-suck thoracentisis. Yet when I went in last Friday, using the ultrasound, nary a drop of fluid could be found. Hmm. What the hell? So what could be causing my air gulping after two flights of stairs?

My clinical trial CT scan is scheduled now for this Friday. This is the scan that they will use to compare against the one I took just before the trial started and thus see how the A-Team has been doing. I figured I’d wait for that scan to see if they could also figure out what was causing my breath shortfall.

Best laid plans.

The area behind and on the inside of my right knee has been bugging me a bit over the last week but I brushed it off as probably something I pulled slightly playing softball, a fairly logical conclusion based on my imagehistory. In fact it wasn’t bad enough to keep me from playing in our softball playoff game yesterday. Of course I went 0 for 4 again. Not sure why they let me keep playing on this team. Maybe it was my pitching or the 3, almost 4, double plays I turned at the rover position. Not that I was counting or anything. 🙂 Always looking for a silver lining….

Yet, when I woke up this morning I could hardly move my right leg. Had to basically lay my pants on the imagefloor to put my leg in as I couldn’t bend it. Of course I continued my wishful thinking (and brain challenged) approach to the issue by assuming it was something I did trying to run out one of my ground balls. Nyet.

So I sent my lung-onc an email this morning explaining my symptoms, and I received a fairly quick response. It essentially said, though in not these exact terms, to get my ass into emergency as I possibly had a dangerous blood clot in my leg (deep vein thrombosis – aka DVT). Nothing to fool around with. OK, my scare meter took a big hit.

So in the ER they confirmed via ultrasound that yes, I did indeed have a blood clot in my leg. Scare meter jump. Apparently cancer patients are considerably more susceptible to imageblood clots than the average Joe. Maybe if I change my name to Joe? They then took me in for a CT scan to ensure that no clots had broken off and traveled into my lung arena. Scare meter off the chart when they confirmed a clot in my left lung as well. (aka pulmonary embolism – P. E.). Just love these acronyms. Hey, I thought I was supposed to know well in advance when things were going south. I wasn’t prepared for all of this immediacy crap.

So that brings me to the hospital bed where I will be overnight for observation while they monitor all of my vitals. Late in the afternoon they gave me an injection of Lovenox, a blood thinner that will become my BFF apparently. In fact, once I get out of this place I will be in charge of giving myself two jabbings a day with this stuff into my belly roll for the foreseeable future, likely forever. Lucky I have plenty of slab to grab to give myself the injection. Those of you with diabetes will go eh, no big deal. And I’m sure I will get to that point (intentional pun) soon enough. So tomorrow morning they will observe while I do my own masochistic stabbing to ensure I know how to inject myself properly. Hey, learn something new every day, right?

So since this is a blood thinner that I will be on, perhaps forever, I need to be concerned about any possible injury or cuts. Contact sports are out so I guess my weekly rugby games are history and I won’t be able to defend my UFC championship this year. Bummer.

But there is that same disagreement I had earlier in the year when we debated about whether the softball I play is a potential contact sport. I may have just played my last game if indeed I lose that argument. Perhaps they will let me play if I wear a batting helmet. Stay tuned Steve. Skiing? Problematic most likely. Guess I will just have to get a lot better at golf.

Next update will probably be early next week when I get the results of the scan on Friday. Stay tuned on that as well.

Business as usual, although we have a new business plan. Day at as time.


20 thoughts on “August 18, 2014 (Mon) – …And the Roller Coaster Takes a Big Dip

  1. Jeez Craig – you have been through a lot – I’m on your cheerleading squad! Go, Craig, go!!! I’m thinking good thoughts for you and hope they give you a nice selection of good drugs! All the best- Janine B

  2. So sorry to hear about the setback. You’re a fighter. Keep at it. We all love you, man. And you were awesome at rover Sunday! See you at the next game. Damn cancer!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Wow….not what I was expecting to read…..luckily you called your doc ASAP about this one. Once again, you are such a darn good writer….you manage to entertain others while you are confined to a hospital bed!!!!! Hang in there Craig. MOOR good days ahead for you soon.

  4. Lovenox??? Really?? Interesting name for your newest BFF! And, we thought Kim was the love of your life! Ongoing thoughts are and will continue to be with you. No One FIGHTS lone!

  5. You are indeed a good writer. My scare meter went off the chart just reading about it! So glad you are getting the necessary treatment and hoping to hear soon that you are improving. 🙂

  6. Craig I know this is a bummer but if anyone can handle it you can. The next thing we know you will be an on call nurse once you master this shot thing.
    Keep us posted we are all pulling and Praying for you.
    Martha in iowa

  7. I was on Lovenox after my knee replacements. A whole lot less complicated than Coumadin. All the best old friend.

  8. And Ping Pong, there’s Ping Pong. I don’t mind waiting for the philosophy blog, I just didn’t want it to be for THIS reason! Good thoughts and vibes, gently flying your way…..

  9. Oh so sorry to hear this. But it sounds like it was caught in time, which is a huge plus. Yeah, being on those ‘blood thinners’ can be a bitch. I’m sure they gave you a whole list of things to watch for and things to avoid. Things like, don’t get hit with a baseball or softball, and don’t slide into base, and don’t fall out of bed. Hang in there. 🙂

  10. Clots! Ugh!! Sorry to hear. Be sure to ask for the ‘Lidocaine and Prilocaine cream’. It is a great numbing agent to apply 20 mins or so pre-shot. I love it! I still get some significant bruising every now and then but no needle puncture pain.

  11. Dear Craig – your attitude is contagious and helpful not only to yourself, but your family, friends, blog followers and those that get these forwarded to them. God loves you and is always nearby.

  12. Craig, I am sorry to hear about this most recent trip to the hospital, but I am glad to hear they have it under control. Hey, I learned to jab myself in order to learn what I was putting my mother through when she needed insulin….you’ll be a pro in no time…’s really now big deal. I’ll wait for the report from the Friday scan. Praying and pulling for you. Julie

  13. Sorry to read about your recent set back Craig; but you will overcome it just like you have all the others. I too really admire your ability to write about your C journey in such a humorous and lighthearted way. What a blessing you are to me and everyone else! The Beverlins continue to pray for your full recovery.

  14. Love the graphics, esp. the Freakout-ometer. Best drawing of a Freakout-ometer I have ever seen. As always, sending good thoughts your way.


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