August 12, 2014 (Tue) – A Potpourri of Prolific Proportions

cornucopiaOr perhaps a cornucopia of considerable content? Maybe a slew of substantial substance?

Maybe I’ve been playing Words With Friends too much. Then again, these words are mostly too long for that Alliterationgame. Basically this means that I could not come up with anything for a title other than some lame-o alliteration of awful abundance.

Essentially lots of things have happened in the last two weeks since my last post, but mostly less than noteworthy notice. Oops. Sorry. So here is a quickie list of items to get you caught up to date on: eye issues, swollen ankles, multiple blood draws, clean brain MRI, upcoming tests…

MRIBeep beep, back up the truck. Did I just say clean MRI? I don’t think that is less than noteworthy. I tried to sneak it by you to see if you are really reading this. But here’s the deal. Apparently because of my original historEmpty brainy of having brain mets back at the beginning of my journey, the trial was supposed to get a baseline scan of my brain at the beginning of the trial. So last week, when this was discovered, they rushed me into the mag-machine for that test. And it wasn’t until yesterday that I finally got the results. To quote: “Stable brain MRI with gadolinium enhancement. No new suspicious mass or enhancement.” In other words they found nothing. Why is that not surprising? I’m sure many of my close friends would corroborate that statement.

Sorry you didn’t get the cutesy calendar reminder as per usual but it caught me off guard and came and went pretty quickly. I’ll be sure to include one on my upcoming CT scan, as soon as I have a date for that. Now that will be the biggie since it will show how well the A-Team (AZD9291) has been doing (or not doing). As good as I am feeling, I would be very surprised if it doesn’t show some positive effect.

ankle swellAs for some of the other mentioned material (oops again) above, I occasionally have had some bouts of ankle swelling. But it comes and goes and happens equally to both ankles at the same time. The lung-onc at Moores did not feel that was a huge concern, that it was not out of the ordinary, but of course, said to keep an eye on it. This is not my ankle but it looked similar.

As for my eye, a week ago this past Sunday, I started experiencing some eye irritation in my right eye. Seemed like something had invaded it like how you would normally feel if something got into it. But typically that works its way out in an hour or two, right? Well, it bugged me until Monday afternoon when it finally started feeling a bit better. Yet, when I got up Tuesday, I could hardly open it due to the pain. The lung-onc I saw that morning was concerned that I had some Bloodshot eyeother more serious issue and indicated I needed to see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. But now we dive back into competing medical groups. It took until Friday before I was able to see an oph-doc, and that was only after my regular onc-doc called his sister-in-law, the eye doc, who squeezed me in. By then my eye had seemed to return to a more normal dry-eye discomfort. After all sorts of less than pleasant eye tests (I really don’t like anything near my eyeball), it was confirmed that I had no scratches, nor a detached retina or anything else out of the ordinary. But it was recommended that I ramp up the “Refresh” eye drops because my eyes were definitely way too dry.

Of course, there is more to it. What, not surprised? So in standing and leaning back and titling my head back to put the drops in, SternumI experience some reasonable discomfort in my sternum area. What the hell? So is this from scar tissue from my early lung zapping that is being yanked? Or just stretching a part of my anatomy that has not seen any exercise or stretching in the last 18 months? Of course, that would apply to my whole body. Or could it be something, wait for it…more nefarious? Who the heck knows but unless it worsens, I  will wait until my appointment on the 25th to chat about it with my lung-onc. And the CT scan (sometime near the end of this month or early Sept) should confirm or deny anything else going on.

But here’s the bad news: I went 0 for 4 in my softball game Sunday (but we won the game). And my wife killed me in ping-pong the other day. No mercy for this poor C-boy…Hey, business as usual in both regards.

File3000 (6)I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that yesterday my wife and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. A year and a half ago, there was some doubt that we would get to observe that milestone. Now I can’t wait until our 50th.

So nothing unusual going on for the next two weeks at this stage. But I feel a different kind of blog brewing. Stay tuned Lynn.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


17 thoughts on “August 12, 2014 (Tue) – A Potpourri of Prolific Proportions

  1. Great news that you are feeling so great. Weird symptoms from the new guys eh. Sure could be worse. Keep everyone posted for cat scan results. Martha in iowa

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  2. So generally good news – yay. I can relate to the dry eye – we live in a desert here so we’re constantly using eye drops for that. And age and spending a lot of time on the computer contributes to that.

  3. What a GREAT pic!! Of my cousin that is … The ankle not so much : ) My husband was treated with Zometa, a drug used to protect bones during treatment for breast or prostate cancer since the primary treatment modality is hormone deprivation. Within a few days both eyes were swollen so much that the sclera was protruding all around his eyes. This had been noted as a possible side effect, but there were only 4 cases reported in the literature … Needless to say, his was the fifth. It was treated and he is fine, but now we read ALL the fine print for new drugs, and feel lucky most days that there ARE new drugs!!!

  4. Very good news on this & your prior update, Craig. Happy 35th to you & Kim!!! As we have come to understand so well, 0-4, K’s & shooting 95 on the golf course are truly insignificant. What’s important is that we keep swingin’ it none-the-less!! God is on the A-Team with you, & we pray for you, Kim & your family each day, Craig.

    Sandy & Mike Pettit

  5. Craig,

    Congrats on the anniversary! Tony & I have you beat by a couple of years. I know you may not want to take any more pills. But I have dry eyes too and the Refresh drops were not doing the trick. Now I take Dry Eye Formula vitamins from Eye Science in the am + a Vitamin A pill in the pm & it has really helped. I get them at CVS or on line. So may help relieve that dry eye side effect.

    The blog is a great way to keep informed on how you are doing. We think of you & wish you the best!


    Carol & Tony

  6. I remember your wedding. It was just beautiful. Thanks for sharing your news along the way of this unbelievable journey. You are amazing!! Guess Kim gets a lot of credit too!!!! XOXOX


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