July 7, 2014 (Mon) – Time to Say Goodbye

soundof-farewellconcertSo long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye. We all knew this day would come, so it is time to bid adieu.

To Tarceva.

What, you thought I was referring to something else? OK, so I’m a bit inseBye byensitive. But I get a lot of slack these days. As of earlier this morning, at approximately 2:47am, I dropped my last Tarceva pill. I had flirted with the idea of playing off a memorial theme for Tarceva’s last day. But that really would not have been appropriate. And in actuality, Tarceva has been an extremely good friend for over a year; but sometimes you just gotta let go. So this is more like a farewell party to a bud who is leaving town for far away places, never to be seen again. But he (sorry, I know it’s not PC but I just don’t see Tarceva in a feminine role) is not going to leave me high and dry. His cousin, with the cutesy name of AZD9291, will be getting the tag-off from Mr T. before he leaves town.

So wTarceva stophy is the plug getting pulled on my 150mg, $200 per pill buddy? Weeeelll, in order to begin the new trial at UCSD, I have to be “purged” off Tarceva for 8 days. Even though the lab may not have the final results until the end of the week, the lung-onc specialist at UCSD does not want to waste another week on what should be a foregone conclusion. “Should be” being the operative phrase. Assuming the labs has enough tissue and assuming they confirm the T790M mutation by Friday, I should be popping my new buddy come next Wednesday the 16th. Let’s hope “assume” does not make an ass out of you and me. Or really, just me since you had nothing to do with it. Feels a little like diving off the high dive hoping there will be water in the pool by the time I reach it.

Drag race lightsAfter I’ve waited all of this time, UCSD is now “fast-tracking” me so I can get off the dime. Get the show on the road. Put the pedal to the metal. What this means is that sometime in the next week I will be going through a battery of tests, one day of which will require a 10-hour stint spent doing multiple tests, waiting several hours, and testing again. And like it says on the shampoo bottle, lather-rinse-repeat again. I will also be getting a series of CT (kitty-kat) scans this week so they have a baseline to compare to down the road when the AZD9291 starts working its magic. Notice I said when.

Topic switch: look what I got in the mail today. As much as I would like to do my civic duty, I donJury Duty‘t think that I have the time, or the inclination, right now for listening to someone sue someone for cutting an overhanging branch on their property. Anyone think of a good excuse I can use for getting out of it? Oh yeah, I have one. Duh.

Not hungryI know I will get very little sympathy here but lately I find that I have to actually force myself to eat. I know I need to keep up my strength, but I have zero appetite and in many cases I actually have to make myself chow down something that I would ordinarily be powering down multiple helpings of. I mean, free pizza was dangled in front of me this afternoon and I had zero slices. Repeat: zero. A very weird feeling. Lost 10 pounds overall and don’t want to lose many more. Except soon I may be fitting into my 34’s that I haven’t worn in 6 years.

Audience participation time. Since AZD9291 is in clinical trial and not on the market, it does not have a trade, or cute, name. I don’t want to keep referring to it by that number so how about something like “Azzy” or “Azid?” Anyone have any other suggestions? Hey, when I write that book you all keep telling me I should write, you’ll be famous.

I imagine I’ll be blogging again within the week with more specific updates. Stay tuned.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


22 thoughts on “July 7, 2014 (Mon) – Time to Say Goodbye

  1. Craig. Finally eh! Keep trudging along. Keep force eating also. As soon as we got home from vacation we went right in to see our lung onc and he put my hubby in hospital for weekend for fluids. He was dehydrated from not eating. As soon as they started those fluids he started eating. Then a week later at an appt he had him go get another bag if fluids. Really helped and he is eating more and more. Ask about having some fluids it may help you too. Keep up the good work.
    Martha in iowa

    • Thanks Martha. Never had to force food down my throat before. Very weird. Hope your hubby is doing well. Funny how they could drain off 2 1/2 liters and I might become dehydrated.

      Take care.

  2. Wahoo!! Does “it’s about time!” Ring a bell? IF you make it to your “perfect 34s” (can’t believe you saved them) you will be the envy of SR and fans around the world! Time to raid Brett’s closet before he moves out for some hipper duds.

    Keep it up! One day at a time… Love to you both! EZ and Nikki

    Ellen Knight 858 774-1589


  3. Craig. My offering for the nick name of your new drug is ADZE. Look it up and you might find it appropriate. I used one when making my canoe. If you prefer Adzey that is just fine. Wharever makes you feel better my friend. Big “T” will be missed. All the very best. Zeke

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Forget about naming AZD9291 Mr. Or Ms. Something…this round calls for the ‘A Team’ (if you can find them). “I love it when a plan comes together.”

  5. You dope! Yes that WAS an insensitive opening paragraph – whew! Anyway, happy that you were fast tracked…looking forward to hearing more about your new friends – the A Team. The G Team (God Team) is also on your side..OK, I really DO love your humor 🙂 Prayin’ – kp

    • Sorry Kris, I know that was a bit snarky of me. But trust me, that is not how I would announce my blog ending. Plus I didn’t leave you dangling very long. Stay tuned.

  6. I think “A Team” sounds pretty good! Maybe try eating some very chilled cantaloupe and watermelon….lots of water content in it too.

  7. I’m SO glad UCSD has picked up the pace! The clinical trial process is so frustrating … With my husband we’ve heard ” his numbers aren’t high enough”, ” he’s sick but not sick enough”, “he’s not a candidate because of the three standard treatments he had before this”, etc
    We are learning day by day to count our blessings. Hug the queen of fun for me!


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