June 10, 2014 (Tues) – And the answer is…

confused 2Well, not really sure.

If you’ve been following my blog (of course you have), you’re probably not overly surprised at that statement.

I was trying to hold off until I had all of the data and knew where I was headed next but I couldn’t wait any longer.  I was starting to get queries as to my status so I figured I may as well give you the latest update, albeit, incomplete. Love that word, albeit. I keep wanting to pronounce it “all-BAIT” which has garnered some guffaws (another fun word) when I did indeed slip my tongue. Hey, I’m all about generating some laughs at my expense. Why not?

Finally had my appointment with my uncle-doc last Friday, the day he promised me results of my biopsy. Then again, if I wasBiopsy result a wagering man, I would have put money on not getting the update, especially since it was not really in his control, but the lab’s purview tucked away in some corner of the country. Now I might have a discussion with my bookie if either he or I tried to collect on that wager. That is because I got a partial result.

So, way back in ’74, I applied to UCLA for grad school. I was accepted but opted to postpone my advanced degree, instead choosing to enhance my education by driving a Coca Cola delivery truck, moving to Salt Lake City, and rooming with 3 girls in a 4-bedroom apartment. My wife already knows this, and it was 40 years ago, so hopefully I’m not getting into any hotter water than I am. Never did go back for that degree. If you know me personally, feel free to ask me to explain in person. I’ll not digress any further in this venue. Squirrel!

UCLA logoBack to UCLA, I may end up being a Bruin after all, at least an honorary one, in the near future. Yes, apparently I did test positive for the T790M mutation which would align with the clinical trial up at UCLA. I’m still awaiting word on further tests, such as the C-Met mutation, before any there is any action-Jackson. I may be be blogging again tomorrow for all I know with updated info. You never know with my situation, right?

So, a couple of weeks ago, while waiting for my biopsy results, I thought I would be extra romantic as my wife has been such a champ in holding down the Blower family fort. So I impulsively texted her:Love to death

OK, let’s just say I did not think through my choice of words too carefully. I thought I was being really romantic, and she was sure I was making reference to some really bad test results that I didn’t want to tell her about. I’d like to say this was the first time I knuckle-headed an attempt at romanticism, but ask me some day about a Valentine’s Day long ago where I left my wife in a puddle of tears on the floor because I carried a prank way too far. Some people never learn. The fact that she is still married to me sometimes amazes me. OK, always amazes me.

Saw a re-occurrence of my chest discomfort this past weekend which prevented me from sleeping on my bed because it was too difficult to lay flat. Also opted to be cheerleader/scorekeeper at my softball game as I didn’t want to push my luck. “Got” to sleep another few days on my new recliner. I must say, it was a decent night’s sleep. Finally yesterday I was able to return to my bed. And right now I am planning on coming off the DL for our Sunday Father’s Day softball game. But we know how things change, don’t we?

Still coming down off the high of my daughter’s wedding. Can’t wait to get some of the formal pics to post. As many of you know, at least those of you on Facebook, the father-daughter dance was “Happy” from Pharell Williams.  Very fun!

OK, another blog should be coming in the near future with an actual game plan. And I have a bridge to sell you…

Business as usual. Day at a time.


19 thoughts on “June 10, 2014 (Tues) – And the answer is…

  1. So I guess testing positive is a good thing????…. .or is becoming a “Bruin” the good thing???

    Digressing, I think I’ve seen a movie about a guy giving up on grad school to room with 3 beautiful girls…perhaps this was the story of your life! Need to get more dertails on this life-changing tidbit of your life.

    Thanks for keeping us posted…not hearing from you I figured you were still up on Cloud HAPPY.

  2. Craig, Mike Brady here, I know it has been a long time (circa 1980). If I may comment, after meeting your wife, albeit (you are welcome) briefly, I will remain perpetually amazed that she married you. No offense. Here is a link to an article from Duke University on T790M, it may be redundant for you, but one never knows. Anything that would ease your burden? pie? a basset hound? We Irish pray, that, some say, is all we are good for. Doing that.

    • Mike, must be the drugs. I know your name but where do I know you from? Thanks for the link, by the way. There is so much going on in this realm right now that my head is swimming. Thanks for the note.

  3. So…. I was able to bring up in Zeke’s phone. No idea what is going on but it is with my phone. 🙂

    Ellen Knight 858 774-1589


  4. What a way to return to college?! Mucho respect para ti – Sr Blower. UCLA has done a lot of great research and more doctors are joining their medical group. In fact, my doctors have all switched to the UCLA group. I know you are in fantastic medical hands. :)))

  5. Routing for UCLA as your next stop and not because my daughter did her grad work there but because they are known for exceptional medical research and care…great news.

  6. Craig, I know you would categorize us as “acquaintances” more than “friends” but I want you to know I think about you every time I look into the canyon- which is every time a hawk calls or every time I hear your ping pong paddles- and say a prayer for you. Thank you for keeping us all updated and in stitches. Your sense of humor has got to be helping you through. Pete’s brother has leukemia and it has recently come out of remission with a vengeance, so we know a bit of what you are going through….
    Praying for you every day- one day at a time.
    Your neighbor, acquaintance, and would-be friend,
    Kathy Fait

    • Thanks Kathy, I really appreciate the note. But I have to disagree. I do consider you a friend, even though we rarely see each other. You support is also very appreciated as well.


  7. UUUU CCCC LLLL AAAA! UCLA UCLA! Ok Im cheerleadering in a different realm now…but you will receive the BEST care there..They have saved my life twice and I cant say enough about that,medical center team. So HAPPY that your daughter’s wedding was wonderful. Prayers for you buddy….A Votre Sante! One day at a time…You’re a champ – always have been always will be!

  8. Craig – change of venue/Doctors could be a good thing here, based on the experiences of others in the same situation… keeping you and your beautiful family in prayer!

  9. Craig, a few hints as to my identity. You and I share the distinction of having worked for, and with, a fellow that would, intentionally, perform his own Hemorrhoidectomy with 500lbs+ squats. Additionally, you hired me away from General Atomic (Royal Dutch Shell) in 1980.Final hint, when JAB would tell me I was “ugly and stupid” you would sooth my wounded ego by explaining that I was, “only ugly, and my Stupidity Quotient was to date undetermined”.

    • Mike, it’s funny. When I told my wife about your post I said that I thought you were the guy that worked at Beta way back when. I guess the drugs haven’t totally washed out my brain. So what is your connection to this overall topic? And thanks again for the link.

      • Your name popped into my head at Mass last Sunday. Don’t know why, had not thought much about Beta and 1980 for quite some time. So felt compelled to check up on you. I am a year into my recovery from colon cancer surgery. My daughter is a Duke grad and the French Family Science Center at Duke has been a great reference point for us through the year. Likely my assigned task here is to pray for your peace and comfort.

    • Thanks Marianne. Got some news today that has me wondering about the “system.” But I will be posting a blog update probably by the end of the week after I get a little more clarification.


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