March 19, 2014 (Wed) – “Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean,…ding..ding..ding”

Mr. CleanYou’d really have to be a geezer to remember, or recognize, this guy. Yet my 23 year old son just informed me that he has seen this guy’s image a lot. Hmmm.  But the title above refers to the 1958 commercial (click here) and jingle that came with it. So why am I into a bald headed, buff guy? OK, let’s not go down that path you were just headed. I get it. But I am not planning on duplicating his chrome dome anytime soon. However, his guns I wouldn’t mind.

Am I professing to be of clean character? As you know from prior posts and confessions, it depends what timeframe you are looking at. So that really is not it. Clean soul? Not really for me to answer. Is our house clean? Damn straight, although I doubt if Kim or our twice-a-month housekeeper uses this product.

All right, I can’t stall any longer. For one reason, it’s big news. And for another, it’s 9:30pm and I want to finish this blog before I crash.

I just received the results of my brain MRI scan that I had Monday. In the complicated vernacular of doctor-speak, what I was told was “everything looks great.” Took a minute (OK, a nano second) for the news to register. With the flare up of my hip and sacrum in late November, I’ve been just a tad anxious since Monday morning when they magnetized me. Well, looks like upstairs Fuzzy is beat, or in full retreat. Guess I can write rhyming poems as well as blogs. What talent.

No further scans/tests scheduled at this time. I meet with my onc-doc at the end of this month. Perhaps he will determine that I have stopped glowing enough from my hip radiation at the end of December to warrant another fill-the-body-with-radioactive-sugar-juice PET scan. We shall see, but right now I am off the hook with nothing on the horizon. And I really like that word: Nothing. Reminds me of NED. And NED’s my friend.

OK, now that you are in a good mood, time to step up to the plate. And you thought this blog was free. 🙂

On Sunday, May 4th, I am participating in the San Diego Breath of Hope Walk. This walk helps bring more attention to lung cancer T-shirtresearch and at the same time benefits the UCSD Moores Cancer Center. I am forming a team that will blow the rest of the groups out of the water. My goal is 100 team walkers and at least $5K in funds raised. We can do it! So if you are a local San Diegan, I’d love to have you join our team (and sign up a bunch of your friends) and/or make a donation. If you can’t make it, I’d love to have you support our effort with a coupla (OK, more than a coupla) bucks. Don’t ask, you don’t get. 🙂 I have now 72 blog posts during this 1+ year journey. A buck a post? $.50/post? Whatever works. So here is the link to join our team and/or support us: “Team Craig – Get Fuzzy“. Thank you! I will return this broadcast to its regular scheduled channel and promise not to hit you up (too much) in the future.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


12 thoughts on “March 19, 2014 (Wed) – “Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean,…ding..ding..ding”

  1. Fantastic news, Craig! No doubt, the shock and awe of your great attitude and top medical team is too much for Fuzzy. Cheers!

  2. Fantastic news Craig!!! So happy!!
    Will be a proud member of your team.. And will spread the news. Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!! Xo

    • Deb, thank you SO much. I really appreciate your support. And please do spread the news. I’d love for this thing to go viral and we blow away everyone with the number of walkers we have.


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