February 23, 2014 (Sun) – Guilty as Charged

Jail comboAny guesses as to what I am guilty of? Depends how far you go back. Gotta be careful here as my kids read this blog and if you travel back as far as my college years, well, you can just imagine. Or even back to my kid days. OK, I’ll fess up to:

  1. Putting my feet in wet cement
  2. Along with my buddy, setting his backyard tree on fire
  3. With my nefarious grammar school chums, denuding a neighbor’s house of all its Christmas lights, but feeling guilty a day later and leaving them in a box on their doorstep. Yes, I still feel bad about that one.
  4. Buying firecrackers and cherry bombs on the black market
  5. Purchasing alcohol before I was 21
  6. Drinking that alcohol
  7. “Partaking” in college (defined however you wish)
  8. Sneaking into a movie theater without paying
  9. Cheating on my wife. Yeah right. I’d already be dead.
  10. Jaywalking, speeding…OK, now we’re just getting silly.

Why come clean now? Eh, I’m sure a lot of you are thinking, “is that all?” OK, I was mostly a goodie two-shoes in high school, never even having cut one class. Might even have made the goodie three-shoes level. Too afraid of getting kicked off the football team I suppose. Made up for it a bit in college. And this was all BR, as in Before I joined Rotary, with its 4-way test. Reading this Chuck? BTW, this is not an all-inclusive list. Gotta leave some mystery.

But the question remains: what am I feeling guilty about?

The easy answer: feeling too damn good.

Feeling goodOK, that that is a pretty lame statement. No, let’s be honest. A pretty stupid statement. But on a certain level, it is how I feel. Let’s face it, relatively speaking, a year after being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, I am feeling very fortunate to be in the position I am. Quite a few don’t even make it this far and manyGuilt others have, or are having, a very tough time. So I don’t mean to be glib or come across as not having sympathy for my fellow survivors who may not be doing so well when I expound on my good health. Just the opposite in fact. So there is an element of guilt that creeps into my perspective. Yeah, I know. Nobody said I was being rational. And I know this whole scenario could turn on a dime and I would not be blogging this same conversation. But I’ll take what I have. Plus, as I said, it’s all relative.

Now that I’ve talked so much about how good I feel, here comes the “relative” part. And yes, I talk about my relatives. Always in a good Craig Froway of course. Remember Hawaii? Nuf said. But my buddy, Tarceva, likes to play games with me and right now he (she? I’m an equal opportunity druggie) is treating me to a frustrating case of Don King-itis. OK, I’m not a Photoshop genius like my daughter but you get the drift. Have to slump way down in my seat in my car so I don’t poke holes in the overhead lining. Plus my eyes feel like I’m constantly being barraged by a dust storm. I can now be legitimately described in that lineup above as “squinty-eyed.” Eh, small stuff.

Loren nancarrowThis past Friday, the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, where I work, was privileged to host a fundraising concert in honor of Loren Nancarrow, who recently lost his battle with brain cancer. It was a very cool event and raised quiet a bit of dough for Scripps Radiation Therapy Center where he was treated. They are trying to raise enough ($500K) to have the Healing Gardens there named after him. Click here for more info.

Well, tomorrow is D-Day. Back to the gym for the first time in over a year. Gotta get back in shape for those weekly Lifting weighttriathlons I mentioned. Right now I get winded retrieving a beer from the fridge. Notice I didn’t use the term “ice box?” I’m not that old. But yeah, gotta get back on track. If I’m successful, I will have to do some convincing of my onc-doc that I lost weight on purpose. He ain’t gonna like it.

Oh, and I totally forgot what I promised in a prior blog. For those of you (I’m assuming none) that have been wracking your brain trying to remember what TV show filmed it’s final scenes at Pacific Ocean Park (P.O.P) back in the 60’s, it was The Fugitive.  Now you can relax and add that bit of trivia to your next party conversation.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


8 thoughts on “February 23, 2014 (Sun) – Guilty as Charged

  1. Thanks for taking the time to chat the other day. What I thought was to be my trek has not turned out to be the case, but being able to talk it through with you was more helpful than you will likely ever know.

  2. Thanks Craig ~ for another entertaining & insightful blog posting ~ I am so Happy that you are doing well. There is nothing you should feel guilty about for feeling so good. Lavish in these moments ! You help inspire all of us dealing with cancer. Enjoy it ~ One day at a time .Thanks buddy !

  3. My hubby just asked about you so just read him several of your blogs. He too was wowed by your writing style but most importantly was wowed by your good results. Thanks for keeping us in the loop and for providing good reading material!

  4. OK…so now that we know your blog has an international component..I’m going to spill the REAL beans on you, my friend…or “fess up” as you say…handsome athlete & scholar, student body president, all around nice guy, poet (oops was I suppose to say that??) So you left high school and did a few unmentionables (as if your kids dont know) Whatever!! You’ve redeemed your indiscretions, and now you’ve reclaimed your earlier aforementioned stellar identity 🙂 Big air or not. Hang in there my friend! Got Pizza?

    • Kris, you’re giving me way too much credit. Student Body President? Actually I placed 4th out of 5 candidates when I ran. Chester Chau won that contest. Poet? Don’t think so. We can debate the others but I’ll accept them in the spirit delivered. Definitely on board for PnB. Just say when.


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