February 13, 2014 (Thurs) – Happy Anniversary to Me…

Happy AnniversarySo today, believe it or not, is the 1-year anniversary of my initial lung cancer diagnosis, back on lucky February 13, 2013. Kind of a bitter sweet celebration. On the one hand, who would want to raise a glass to celebrate such a downer event in their life? On the other hand, I’m still here. Duh. And that certainly is something to shout home about. So I will.


OK, I know that is not what that expression means but you get the drift.

So cue it up:

Tonight my wife and I celebrated with a beer. You might expect that it would have been a Mai Tai based on my prior post. But we are trying to wean ourselves off the Hawaii fix we got after 10 amazing days on Maui.

Let’s not be so quick on that Craig…

Business as usual. What really does that mean 365 days after Dx? For those in the know, Dx stands for diagnosis. After 10 days of eating and drinking in Maui like there was no tomorrow, Dx could easily stand for “Double X,” the size of clothes I will now need to start buying.

Digressing as always.

However, business as usual means exactly that. Trying to live my life exactly as it was before Double X, er, Dx. Obviously that is not Reclinerentirely possible. For example, I can no longer compete in weekly Ironman triathlons or dead-lift 500 lbs. So I’ve had to sacrifice some things. I’ve been told I should “take it easy” and not push myself too hard. Yet, while I still can, I am not comfortable with that advice, despite the recent purchase of a new leather recliner. Hmm, maybe cutting back ain’t so bad…

But once I start going down that path, I’m concerned that it will give me an excuse to continue to cut back, even when I don’t need to. I’ve already been put on temporary hold as it relates to playing softball. I suspect that some of my teammates are bribing my onc-doc to keep me on the injured reserve list. I’ve been playing in our league virtually non-stop for 31 years. It drives me crazy not being able to play. So I am doing what anyone facing that kind of disappointment might do – eat a lot! My doc is going to be ecstatic when we meet at the end of the month.

Hot tubBusiness as usual means living, and enjoying, life to the fullest. Does it look like I might be following that advice?

This is the family group enjoying the spa at our rental house, er mansion, in Kaanapali. But if you think Hawaii was just about relaxing, eating, drinking, and enjoying family for 10 days… you’d be exactly right!

We were also able to get in 4 awesome days of golf with nary a rain drop. But just so you don’t think it was all peaches and cream, here is a quickie video from when we got greedy on the 5th attempt and pushed our luck. These are my two bros. I’m the videographer.

Now, doesn’t that make you feel sorry for us?

Thought not.

How about this view from our place in Wailea? Any sympathy now?Wailea panorama

That would be a big negatory, am I correct? Perceptive, aren’t I?

Not really trying to rub it in; just expressing that I am doing my best at articulating how important it is for me, now one year later, to continue along the same path of celebrating life as before that fuzzy x-ray popped up. And no, my head is not in the sand. Not this week anyway. 🙂 But while I continue to do battle with a variety of side effects, it’s all small stuff. So I plan on keeping up the pace as long as I can. And in fact, I feel better today than I did a year ago, before I began any treatment. So nanny nanny.

Last week while in Maui I also celebrated the big six-one.  61 B-day cakeWhen you step over that mental barrier, and you are in my shoes, it becomes very confusing when you feel certain aches and pains. Prior to this year, I would have attributed them to just getting older. But now I am constantly looking over my shoulder at every little wince and tweak, wondering if Mr. Fuzzy is back at it. I have wanted to get back to the gym, which would obviously involve sore muscles and joints. Boy would that mess with my head. However, I can’t let that stop me as I know I need to get back into better shape than just being able to bend my elbow with a beer after our softball games.

Still awaiting my onc-doc meeting at the end of February to see when I might expect further scans. My radio-doc, however, has already scheduled a brain MRI in mid-March. He also will be doing a regular x-ray of my hip and, careful now, sacrum, to see how well the bones have healed up. That may result in green-lighting my softball comeback, despite my teammates’ bribery efforts.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


10 thoughts on “February 13, 2014 (Thurs) – Happy Anniversary to Me…

  1. Yippee ki-yay for you Craig and for your family and friends too. As I read this latest blog I did hear the Rocky fight song swirling in my head and I pictured you on the top of those steps with arms raised….with a glass of Rombauer in one hand and a Mai Tai in the other. Keep posting this good news and tomorrow will certainly be business as usual. Happy “heart” day to you and your wifey.

  2. Continuing to love your writing style and choice of subject matter. Good for you and your family. Keep up the good work Craig and DO get too crazy sometimes. Happy Anniversary.

  3. Glad you had a great time in Hawaii. Your pictures were amazing. I look at your white band every day, it’s in my bathroom since it’s too big to wear, and say a little prayer for you. Keep up the good humor!

  4. Congrats on this milestone. I love your posts (and always share them with Don). Not to sound all mushy, but your updates are also truly inspirational. Have you thought about publishing them? I see a bestseller in the works!

    • Gigi, thanks for the note. A few others have mentioned that I should publish this but since it’s an ongoing story, not sure how I would do that. But I appreciate that fact that some might see this as inspirational. I know it is very cathartic for me.


  5. Congratulations on your one year celebration. May you have many more celebrations and continue to live life to its fullest! I don’t know about that golf in the rain–looks like it would be hard to distinguish the golf ball from the raindrops.

    • Thanks Linda. Lots of celebrations to come. Yeah, we never finished the first hole that day. In fact I lost more balls on that one hole than I did the previous 3 days of golf combined. J


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