January 11, 2014 (Sat) – Red Light. Green Light.

Red Light Green LightI apologize for often digging up memories from the “olden days” to use in constructing my blogs. But for some reason they just keep popping up.

So how many of you remember playing the Red Light – Green Light game as a kid? Or even Mother May I, a similar 50’s-60’s endeavor? I have no idea what games kids play these days unless it involves two thumbs and a disappointing lack of sunshine. Oops, sorry. Got political there for a moment. But being a jock (OK, maybe only in my mind) and with my wife a PE teacher, we tend to come down on the side of outdoor play nation and not Play Station.

So back to the blog title. I had been anxiously waiting to talk to my uncle-doc about resuming some semblance of regular physical activity. More specifically softball and golf. With my over-50 softball league just now kicking off, and with our trip to Maui with lots of golf potential looming, I was growing a bit concerned about both. With the hip and back radiation, there is a residual weakness that could possibly put me at risk under certain situations.Softball

So after consulting with my radio-doc, my onc-doc finally called late Friday to tell me I was red lighted for softball for three months but green lighted for Maui golf. I guess there was a concern about the risk of a collision during a softball game. I tried explaining that our league player

golfer - gifcriteria is “over 50 years of age, play like you are over 50, or have 50% body fat.” Thus the risk of collision is minimal. In fact about the only collision I could envision was the one between the beer can and my lips after the game. The doc wasn’t buying it.

And yet with golf, there is a greater chance of collision, even if you take out my golf cart driving skills (or lack thereof). And that collision would be between my golf club and the grass, approximately 12″ behind the ball. Happens more frequently than I care to admit. But hey, I get to golf in Maui – how much better can it get?

Plus lots of lip collisions with a wine glass on the agenda.

OK, changing gears. Recently a fellow blogger and stage IV lung cancer survivor from Portland contacted me after coming across my blog. Dann Wonser was in town visiting his father-in-law and asked if I wanted to get together. I jumped at the chance since I have never met anyone in person who was facing my same journey and thought it would be great to compare notes. Over a grande coffee-of-the-day at Starbucks, we discovered some very amazing similarities in our journeys. Although he started his battle over 7 years ago, this past year our treatments followed similar paths, from starting Tarceva about the same time to having radiation on hips in late fall. And wouldn’t you know he is currently undergoing a kitchen remodel? But his positive attitude and outlook was what amazed me. And the fact that he has maintained it for over 7 years makes my one-year challenge pale in comparison. He also inserts humor into his blog, which is a compilation of e-mails he sends to family and friends. Check it out: http://dannscancerchronicles.blogspot.com/.

So, no scans in the near future until the radiation aura has faded into the sunset. No hip pain, although I am experiencing some slight tingling down my leg into my foot. But that has been pretty consistent and was probably a side effect of the radiation and possibly some nerves freaking out. But come golf time, I’m sure it will become a horrible, completely numbing affliction. At least when it comes to making bets on the game.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


5 thoughts on “January 11, 2014 (Sat) – Red Light. Green Light.

  1. Can’t imagine anyone having more humor in their cancer blogs than you Craig….and positive attitude….bet you got your new buddy beat on that too….but I know it is not a competition, for once, but a journey to recovery with a few divits along the way. When is your Maui trip so Chris doesn’t schedule the next PnB for that same time? Keep on with your one day at a time and Go Chargers!

  2. We hope you enjoy Maui and the change of scenery, Craig. We’ll be there mid-Feb for a whale conference… maybe see you on the flight over??

  3. I think its great that you met someone who has gone through a similar journey. You can sit down and share stories and feelings and say to yourself “hey, I’m not crazy” – of course, that could only be me……..but it is a little easier when you have someone who has gone through the same circumstances. Unfortunately, in my case, throw a stone in the wind and you can find another breast cancer patient, not many that experienced HER2. On the plus side, more survivors everyday and I am told more survivors with other types of cancer as research improves! Keep enjoying the day to day living – I am cramming as much into my day to day life as possible! I have my first photo exhibit today! Very excited! Go kick some more Fuzzy Ass!

  4. Have a great time with your darling wife in Maui. Bring those other golfers to their knees. Xo, Ann

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