January 7, 2014 (Tue) – Rocky Horror Picture Time

Rocky-Horror-Picture-ShowProbably doesn’t give you much comfort seeing the word “horror” in the title of a blog about a journey with cancer. Didn’t mean to scare any of you.

However, after “entertaining” you all for almost a year with my blogitations, I am asking you for a favor. This is where the Rocky Horror Show comes in. Not that I would really know since I’ve never been to one of those shin-digs. But audience participation comes into play if I’m not mistaken.

So, according to the stats I can see on the back side, I have viewers scattered all over the world, with the US and Canada being the biggies but also many readers in Europe, Australia, etc. On some days I might get more than 100 visitors/readers to this site. A few of my close friends, and an occasional stranger, will leave a comment on one of my blogs if it strikes a note. And I really love Readersgetting those as it gives me good feedback as to whether my blog is hitting its mark or helping make a difference. I know it makes a difference to me.

Yet the vast majority of you prefer, as I certainly understand, to be anonymous readers. And I hope many of you are repeat readers and are deriving some benefit from my somewhat offbeat humor.

But here’s the favor: for those of you that are not personal acquaintances of mine, or even if you are but I may not be aware you are reading my blog, I’d like you to take 2 minutes and add a comment to this blog.  To maintain your privacy, all I would ask that you enter, is 1) your first name, 2) location (city, state/country) and 3) how you came across my blog. If you want to add anything else, (e.g. why you have a connection to this blog) that would be great, but I’d love to know how my blog was discovered and put at least a first name to some of my readers. After this one time, there is no need to comment in the future unless you’d like to.  But I thought it would be interesting to see where my readers come from and how they stumbled across this blog.

Thank you for humoring me. And humor/laughter is the best medicine as you know from my last blog. So in the left column, just under the word comments, click on the link and add one. Do it now. 🙂 Thanks!

Business as usual. Day at a time.


63 thoughts on “January 7, 2014 (Tue) – Rocky Horror Picture Time

  1. Hi, it’s your number one fan (well, maybe number two behind Kim), Mike, reporting from the belly of the beast (IMAX basement). Not sure I can add anything that hasn’t already been covered in the 50 above posts… You’re an amazing man, Craig, and I’m a better man for knowing you.

  2. I live down the street, discovered your blog through your family and answered the call when I got a white wrist band stating “No One FIGHTS Alone. So I have joined the TEAM (Together Each Accomplishes More) to get the job done “one day at a time”. What are good friends for? Zeke

  3. I’m definitely not anonymous – loud & proud cancer survivor and very much love your blog! very entertaining!!! I would agree people say the funniest things and make me laugh all the time. I’ve met a lot of fantastic human beings throughout this process who have been living with cancer and fighting it for 10 years – there are fantastic people and I am better for knowing them. Love the blog ! JBaker

  4. Hi Craig!
    Janice here from the golf lesson gang! Miss you and Kim – always great to see you and so glad to be able to stay in touch via your well-written, humorous and honest blog. I’ve checked in during my travels to Hawaii and Japan and beyond, so maybe that accounts for some of your stats? I mean our every move is being recorded somewhere, right?!!
    Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this blog. You and your family are in my thoughts very frequently!
    Have fun in Hawaii — wear lots of sunscreen!

  5. Hugh here from your days at Ye olde Computer Supply store… Wishing you the best, Ken and I will be in touch to torment er. bring back old memories over lunch time soon.

  6. Hi, Craig, I enjoy keeping up with your progress although at times when I’m in a hurry I am looking for the Cliff Notes version–HA! I stopped by the Rueben Fleet museum a couple weeks ago to say “hi” but for some reason meetings take precedence. Good luck in your journey. Although I am no longer teaching with Kim at EBS, I continue to check in and see how you are doing. BTW–I’m headed out the door to join Kim on the golf course in 30 minutes. The Lung Alliance is my new charity–attention in research and support is needed from ALL of us! Linda Lungren

  7. Hi Craig, I am not much of a computer guy, I don’t twit or tweet, but I “enjoy” reading your blog. Your writing style and sense of humor are similar to mine my friend. You are a huge inspiration to all of us who you have invited into your life. Bob H from Laguna.

  8. Hi Craig–

    I learned about your blog while I was on the NBC San Diego website. The headline and video caught my eye because my husband and I went through a similar “Get Fuzzy” experience after his diagnosis of Stage IV colon cancer and Stage IV prostate cancer with mets to his liver. We were made aware of the findings after a routine colonoscopy and follow-up testing and procedures. Up to the day of the colonoscopy, there were no symptoms of either cancer.

    “They” said he had 6-12 months to live. Systemic chemotherapy was recommended to try to slow things down. We didn’t like our first OncDoc because he was a pessimist. We felt like more could be done and he only gave us one option. We received a referral to an office with an amazing OncDoc and a top-rate OncSurgeDoc. Because of my husband’s incredible courage, positive attitude, love of life, and sense of humor … we beat the odds.

    When your blog’s email update arrives to announce a new post, I stop whatever I’m doing and I read every word. Although your cancer and my husband’s cancers are different and the treatments vary, I relate to everything you say. Our journeys are very similar … including the kitchen remodel.

    You write extremely well and the humor you convey is awesome. I usually laugh out loud a few times as I read. In one post you mentioned you received some deflating news while you were in an airport away from home … and that you shed some tears. As I read that, tears rolled down my cheeks … been there, done that.

    Kudos to you … and to your awesome wife. Behind the scenes it is clear that Kim is your rock. Yay Kim!!

    Business as usual. Day at a time.

  9. Hi Craig,
    Thanks for sharing your journey along with your candor and wit. I lost my healthy, athletic cousin last year to LC and am raising a survivor of pediatric AML. Yours and others stories not only give hope but also give voice to those who couldn’t tell their own stories.

  10. Who’s reading your blog, you ask?

    Emily here, from Valencia, California. Believe I found your blog by Googling “Lung Cancer Blogs EGFR”.

    My husband, an amazing, hard-working 50-year old non-smoking man, was recently diagnosed (May 2014) Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma with pleural effusion, EGFR+. I read your blog for several reasons:
    1). It’s hugely helpful to get a man’s perspective on this process… being that my husband is a man if few words. “Honey, does it really feel like there are ants crawling on your head?” Reply, “Yup.”
    2). It helps me to somewhat prepare for what my husband may have to endure in the future. Thank you. The fear of the unknown is not a happy place.
    3). You’re also from SoCal, your wife seems UBER cool, and you’re a fellow Gaucho! Win, win, win!

    Thank you for blogging. I’ll be following. Be well. -Em

    • Emily, glad to hear you are deriving some benefit from my posts. I’m assuming Tarceva is causing the “ants?” That’s a good thing and small stuff in the scheme of things. I ended up taking Doxycycline to help control the rash

      etc. If you, or your husband, ever needs someone to talk to about any issues with his journey, feel free to contact me and I will send you my phone #.

      Good luck and yes, go Gauchos! Craig


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