December 13, 2013 (Fri) – “I Never Wanted to See You Again…”

Two people conversing…”and the same goes for me.”

These words were spoken, not in hate or malice, but in mutual hope and respect. The title was spoken by me to the radiologist assistant this week who called to schedule my radiology appointment for today. This was the same woman who I thought I was saying goodbye to permanently last March after my last lung zap appointment. She returned the polite response back. They never want to see a prior patient return either.Truck backup

So, per usual, I jump the gun so, beep, beep, back up the truck…

Last you heard from me I was having a minor meltdown in Chi-town. Hey, even a glacier loses a little water mass, eh? Speaking of glaciers, it got down to about 5 degrees while we were there, sans wind-chill. A bit of a change from San Diego. Had to break out my ski clothes I haven’t worn in a couple years (unfortunately).

Hard-of-HearingSo, back to where I left off last Monday. I hadn’t yet heard from my onc-doc directly, only via voice mail. So he finally calls me, albeit at the very worst (OK, maybe 2nd worst – think about it) moment. I was visiting the Museum of Science and Industry and I was directly underneath their giant lightning generator with a very loud presentation being given by one of the staff. Perfect storm of 120 decibels, a cell phone, a call from 2000 miles away, a doctor with a foreign accent, and the coup de gras, me with hearing aids. Wonder I heard anything at all. Bottom line, after consultation with the UCSD lung-onc-doc-specialist, it was determined that breaking out the phaser blasters (radiation therapy) one more time was in order. Thus the call from the radio-doc’s assistant.

Lower Body MoldSo today I went in for my initial appointment. Similar to the brain cage setup, they laid me into a kind of mold they inflated with some hardening juice so when I come back I will always lie in the exact same position. Don’t think I want to bring this one home as a souvenir like my face mask. I doubt it will fit on my bookshelf. This is not mine because the only pictures I could have gotten would have had me laying in it. And considering the part of the anatomy they were measuring, the WordPress porno police would probably have nixed the photo. And trust me, you would not have wanted it here either.

Like before, I got a few more tattoos for them to get their alignment just right. Kim wanted them to use the letter K to mark their spots but I guess they weren’t taking requests. I think that gives me a total of 8. If you would have told me a year ago that I would have 8 tattoos now, I would think someone else (besides me) was on drugs.

So come Tuesday, I’ll begin the first of 15 days of zapping. Skipping Christmas and New Years (isn’t that nice?) I should finish up about Jan 8-9 or so. Once again I get the two-fer discount with zapping to both my hip and sacrum. That was sacrum, not scrotum, by the way. The doc is fairly confident that the zapping should alleviate the hip pain. Stay tuned on that. I have my folding cane I bought at the ready just in case.

I also saw an ortho-doc this afternoon. It was a bit disconcerting walking into the exam room and sitting in my lovely crack-in-the-back gown on top of what was obviously a child-design-wrapped table top. The books were mostly 1st grade reader types and I barely fit on the table when I laid down. You guessed it, he was mostly a pediatric orthopedist but when on-call, also covered adults. He reconfirmed that there was no cancer pac-man bone chomps yet apparent on my leg. But that is the obvious concern as things progress so the sooner we can get the phasers on full next week, the better.

OK, momentary blip past. Back on my game. 🙂

Business as usual. Day at a time.


11 thoughts on “December 13, 2013 (Fri) – “I Never Wanted to See You Again…”

  1. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date Craig. My prayers will remain.
    Sending more Love to you and Kim!
    BIG HUGS to the Blower Family!

  2. Guess you don’t need to worry about birth control anymore?!

    Hang in there… One day/battle at a time!

    Ellen Knight 858 774-1589


  3. I know it’s been said, BUT you truley are amazing. Your sense of humor is a big part of your journey. Your perspective is a blessing. I hear your voice in these post as your provide the humorous details. Love the phone call description. New year and new hope abounds dear friend.

  4. Hi Craig. I’m so sorry you have to go through more treatment, but I’m very glad that another is available. Just know you have a huge base of friends who are praying for you. Xo, Ann Sent from my iPhone

  5. As we all want to see you again those docs and their fancy fandangled machines will make that possible. Yes another blip but these blips need to be erradicated for ever! Keep on with the one day at a time attitude and keep kicking cancer’s butt. Prayers continue to be sent your way. Holiday hugs to your and your fam. PS Our ye ol dreadeds will probably pass each other en route.

  6. Hey Craig, stay strong through this round of treatments. Keep that great positive spirit up! My prayers are with you and Kim, Braden, and Brett.
    – Lori Cotterell


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