December 4, 2013 (Wed) – Where Everybody Knows Your Name…

Cheers-SharpI’m going to assume nobody reading this blog is so young as to not remember Cheers. So the title of this little blogitation should not need any explanation. Well, my recent visits to the Sharp MRI/CT Scan center have resulted in a similar scenario. Unfortunately drinking beer was not involved.

So a week ago Monday, as you know if you are one of my loyal fans, I came away with a clear MRI brain scan. YES! Good for another 90 days on that. But because my hip has been, shall we say, DRIVING ME CRAZY, the doc ordered an MRI of that the very next day, Tuesday. Just to see if they can come up with any other theories other than my just getting old. Upon entering the MRI center, the technician did a double take and asked me if I hadn’t just been in there the day before. She was expecting me this coming Friday for the PET scan (more on that later), but certainly was not expecting a repeat performance two days in a row. Lucky me.

Well, that afternoon I got a call back that the MRI image seemed to indicate that I had a “non-displaced fracture” of my femur. Well, the pain level would have me believe that could easily have been true but because an MRI is more geared to check out soft tissue, they weren’t 100% sure. And I had no clue where that might have come from if indeed that was the case. But since there was some doubt, they ordered a CT (Cat) scan of my hip, you guessed it, on the very next day. A triple play. The technician just shook her head when she saw me this time and we joked about renting a room there. Almost not a joke since I am due back again Friday. Just call me a scanaholic. The good news is that the CT scan confirmed that indeed I did not have a fractured femur. But it really did not shed any light on what the issue was, so I am still stuck with the arthritis theory at this stage. I have an appointment with a rheumatologist, and a week later an ortho-doc, to see what they might recommend.

The not-so-good-news in all of this is that the MRI of my hip seemed to also pick up another “hot spot” of a 3cm lesion on my sacrum (near my tailbone). That was one of the nasty-grams originally discovered way back at my early diagnosis. However, this was not conclusive evidence and the onc-doc wants to wait until after the results of the PET scan on Friday which will be much more definitive. Not going to get too agitated at this stage.

Dec CalendarSo here’s the mandatory cutesy calendar reminder of my upcoming light-me-up-with-radioactive-sugar-juice test. It appears I may need your positive vibes even more than usual, so let them fly!

Changing gears, having recently returned from a 3-day whirlwind business trip to Orlando, I am heading out to a similar jaunt to Chicago this coming Monday. I guess  I couldn’t stand this cold (60 degree) weather. Instead I’ll be involved with the teens and lower. OK gutter minded readers, that was a temperature I was referring to. Aaahhh. Here’s what I’m heading into:Chi weather

5 friggin degrees!? Are you kidding me? Maybe I can have my doc prescribe some antifreeze. I do not have attire for this kind of weather, if you can even call that weather. I don’t think I ever even skied in such a frigid environment. OK, for you not-from-San-Diego types, I am looking for recommendations on shoes, hats, and any other ways to keep a notch above frostbite. I have a pretty warm ski parka but that’s the extent of it. And if indeed I do have arthritis, I’m sure the cold will have no effect on that whatsoever. Yeah right. At least it’s only a 3-dayer.

I’ll probably get the results of my PET scan while in Chicago. Stay tuned for perhaps a quickie from afar. And that would be a quickie update for those of you still gutter-bound.

Stay tuned.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


13 thoughts on “December 4, 2013 (Wed) – Where Everybody Knows Your Name…

  1. How is that you continue to make us all laugh?!?! Positive vibes will be lighting you up on Friday. Borrow some warm woolies as you may never want to go to such a cold place again so a waste to have to purchase.

  2. Yes, yes.. sending positives vibes your way… warm ones!
    My thoughts are with you daily, Craig… every morning during my daily QiGong meditation.

  3. The good vibes never stop!! Zeke will check for gloves and scarf (neck)… You will need both. Also, I have used skiing years ago and at the Holiday Bowl the little packets that when massaged keep your hands, feet etc warm. Check out REI or a sports/ski store. They are great and small to pack. Use as needed.

    Ellen Knight 858 774-1589


  4. Hat to cover your head and something to cover your FACE!!! I remember being in a warm 20 degrees in NYC and I thought my nose would fall off!!! All of us here, furry and not-so-furry, are thinking about SCAN HAPPY RESULTS!!

  5. Wear a long coat from Nordstrom rack, a head cover, gloves, and scarf. You’ll also need somewhere to stow that junk when you go inside; such a bother. I have you in my prayers. Ann

    Sent from my iPhone

  6. Craig, thanks for the update. I will keep you in my prayers. I hope you had a nice TG. Take care, Ed

    Craig Blower update – Get fuzzy! wrote: > craigblower posted: “I’m going to assume nobody reading this blog is > so young as to not remember Cheers. So the title of this little > blogitation should not need any explanation. Well, my recent visits to > the Sharp MRI/CT Scan center have resulted in a similar scenario. Unfort” >

  7. All the best to you Craig. You are one tough Hombre. My advice for facing the cold in Chicago is to find a cozy warm bar like Cheers and then park your butt in a bar stool like Norm. All the best to you.

  8. Sending positive thoughts along with all of your friends. You know those little bottles they give out (okay, you have to pay for them) on the airplanes? You might want to stow a few away for the below zero temperatures.


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