November 24, 2013 (Sun) – Missed it by THAT Much

Get Smart openingOK, 20 points for recognizing where that title came from. Yeah, I know – piece of cake for those of you over 50. Or whoever saw the remake back in 2008. Get Smart was one of my favs on TV back in the 60’s. So today I borrow a phrase from the same guy who drops into work via a telephone booth. I guess Superman might be another. But who remembers what phone booths are anyway? Squirrel!

So what was missed by that much? Up until today it could apply to one of the Charger games. But they actually pulled it off today. Or it could apply to my softball game today, except for the fact we missed it by TTTTTHHHHAAAATTT much. Not pretty.

No, what was missed by that muchpity party was a blog that centered around a party I was tempted to throw. A party with plenty of wine. Well, OK, this time, for the first time, it would have been whine. A month ago today I blogged about being a degenerative hippie. And over the past 30 days my arthritic bone-on-bone hip has progressed (regressed?) to the point where there is an increasing level of pain that has messed with my head. The good news is that it has made me forget about anything else going on within my anatomy.

And yet while tempted to focus on what is hard to ignore, I am surrounded by reminders that I am extremely fortunate. Fortunate that this stupid hip stuff is just stupid hip stuff. Yeah it hurts. But it’s fixable. I’m fortunate that I have such an incredible support group in all of you, my family and friends. And I’m fortunate to have that EGFR genetic marker in my cancer that allows me to take one single $200 designer pill each day to keep it at bay. Lots (most) of lung cancer victims don’t have it so easy and would love to trade places with me.

Indian SayingSo I really am lucky. Besides the support mentioned above, I still think back on Dylan David and Mike Stevens and what each of them went through. And for a whole lot longer than just 4 weeks of a little pain. Plus I have this awesome card that a good friend  who went through some really tough times gave me. Thanks Deb. This truly is helping me to keep my perspective.

I guess because it’s been so relatively easy to keep my positive attitude since I really haven’t had any serious challenges that I wasn’t sure how to deal with some when they came along. Guess I’m learning as I go. Just another glitch, right?

Zometa infusionI will dispense with the cutesy calendar reminder but tomorrow (Monday) is my 90-day brain MRI scan.  Lookin’ for all of your positive vibes/thoughts/prayers again, as usual. They’ve worked perfectly so far.  The PET scan has yet to be scheduled. I am also going in for my monthly Zometa infusion treatment. Here’s a shot of me at last month’s drip-party. Obviously keeping my onc-doc happy by maintaining my weight. Yeech. I should have cropped or Photoshopped this. Eh, nothing to hide at this point, right?

Business as usual. Day at a time.


13 thoughts on “November 24, 2013 (Sun) – Missed it by THAT Much

  1. Sending you my Viking armor for tomorrow, complete with battle helmet! Ride in and get ’em!! Praying for nothing but good news!!!

  2. Will be thinking of you tomorrow, sending positive energy & prayers for a clean scan your way. Expecting only good news!

    • Thanks Linda. Got the “slam-banging-in-my-head” MRI done this morning. I fully expect NED to join my party, but not sure if I will hear by Thanksgiving. Good to have you guys over the other night. I love the chili and pumpkin cookie tradition.

  3. Hey Craig…..Good vibrations, mixed with a few prayers, coming your way for your MRI tomorrow. Hopefully instead of a pity party with whining you at least had a wine party for one or two. Wine and pain meds will make the hip (or in my case knees) feel better….momentarily….as practiced by someone that knows 🙂
    As this week gets under way, i know we ALL have much to be thankful for. Among other things I am thankful that my “old” friend Craig is still blogging about his journey back to normalcy.
    Can’t wait for Ye ‘Ole Dreaded # XXII
    Hugs xoxo Karen
    PS We need to have a PnB in early 2014…..

    • Karen, definitely going to have a wine party tonight with Costco clams. Gotta get them when you can. Yum. Having difficulty coming up with a theme for YODCL. Any ideas? Maybe the “nothing ever happens to the Blower family edition?” 🙂 I too am up for a PnB.

  4. Speaking to you from the cone of silence. All the best to you and your family and all positive vibes for a clear MRI. Take care and have a happy and healthy Thanksgivvikah!

  5. Good morning Craig, Love your blog. Love your sense of humor. Good luck with today’s MRI scans.We already know you have a Great & talented brain. I am wishing that “NED” joins you on your blog soon. Keep smiling. I wish you all the Best,Maureen

  6. OK, I’m getting old. I knew the phrase, but was having trouble placing it … but it became clear with your “hint”. Hope all goes well tomorrow, keeping my fingers crossed. The hip thing is pretty common, but gross, I have several friends who had hip replacement and are now wondering why they waited so long ….


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