October 24, 2013 (Thurs) – I’m a Degenerate Hippie

HippieAny questions? If these aren’t pictures of a degenerate hippie, I don’t know what are. The first circa 1971, the second, 2010. Some things never change, eh? Hey, what do you expect for someone who went to UC Santa Barbara a year after they burned the bank down in Isla Vista?

So, as per usual, I obfuscate (gotta love that word) the actual theme of today’s blog by sending you down a confusing path. Yet, this one is really pretty straight forward if you think about it.

A couple weeks ago at my monthly meet-and-greet with my onc-doc, I mentioned that I was experiencing some random days with significant hip pain. Kinda like my mind, it comes, and it goes. Some days, I didn’t notice a thing; other times I could barely walk. Those of you that played B-ball with me in Ottawa at the GSCA conference know that on that particular day, it was the former. How else could our team have kicked butt…oops. Sorry, my competitive juices got the better of me. Plus my memory might be a bit rusty, like everything else. But please don’t ask my wife about any other rusting parts. Wow, I am all over the map. Must be the hydrocodone-acetaminophen talking that the onc-doc prescribed for the off-days.

In order to determine where the pain might be coming from, he sent me down for a set of x-rays. Good news: apparently it has nothing to do with cancer having a calcium munchie fest on my hip. Instead he said that the films showed, wait for it…., degenerative hips, aka arthritis. That seemed to be a bit of a coincidence since it just started up all of a sudden. So my wife wakes up in the middle of the night not being able to sleep and Googles Zometa, the once-a-month bone strengthening infusion drug I get. Guess what side effect popped up in several of the websites she found? Gee, whaddayaknow, hip pain. Hmmm. Doc still says it’s arthritis. Gotta wonder.

geezer sign

I thought only geezers got arthritis. Oops again, forgot that I are one now having passed the magical six-oh milestone.

Considering the ying-yang options, I’ll take the ying, thank you very much. Yang? Not so much. You know what? I’ll take anything that comes my way if it just means that I’m getting old. Because that means I’m getting old. 🙂 Which is my goal.

Next set of scans coming up at the end of November. Another MRI of the noggin. Many more of those and I really am going to turn into a chick magnet. Oh, that was bad. But I’m also scheduled for another 50-times-as-much-radiation-as-an-x-ray PET scan again. Break out the Geiger counters. I guess the risk of radiating my body again is less than the risk of missing something coming back that the PET scan would catch. Everything is a trade off. But let’s not jump ahead here. That is still a month off and I can feel a couple blogitations coming up before I put out the cutesy calendar reminder.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


14 thoughts on “October 24, 2013 (Thurs) – I’m a Degenerate Hippie

  1. I remember the bank blow up! It made alot of work for a commercial design firm in SF that my best friend worked for. They did all the design work for the B of A. That must have been quite a scare in Quiet SB !

  2. Hey Craig…thanks for continuing with your updates. Good to hear that you are pretty “normal” these days….a few age-related geezer pains beat cancer fuzzies any day. Us your new kitchen survived Billy?

  3. Laughing at you being a “chick magnet”.. Zeke thought it was the dog that made him the chick magnet! Hang in there! More golf courses to be played.. We have some unique (!) ones here at BP!

    Ellen Knight 858 774-1589


  4. Yea…when can we see the kitchen? The AHS party bus is rarin’ to go! Seriously! …but seriously, thanks for the great updates…when my email dings at 11pm on those nights that you release your blog post…I sleep better knowing that my buddy is connecting! God Bless

  5. Don’t worry about the radiation Craig, the rates are based on cumulative dose throughout your life, So they can give you more with age. I like your goal: Don’t stop getting older! I’m adopting it. 🙂

  6. Craig,
    Yes, arthritis…… welcome to the world of we old geezers! Love following your blog and your great sense of humor.
    2 Old Geezers


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