August 5, 2013 (Mon) – Clean as a whistle – almost

Of course when I went to remind my onc-doc today to check on the results of my PET scan Friday, I was told he was gone for the week. Of course. Oops, just a glitch, remember?

I was able to have his assistant fax me (apparently they cannot e-mail it) the clinical (aka: impossible-to-understand-unless-you-have-an-MD-after-your-name) report. Here are the latest findings as compared to the PET scan I had before I began treatment with Tarceva:

“A large mass lesion of the upper right hemithorax is markedly decreased in size with interval significantly decreased abnormal FDG activity. Current SUV Max is 3.2, previously 8.9.”

Craigspeak: The tumor in my lung has shrunk by 64%.

The last test I had back in April after 5 weeks of Tarceva was a lung X-ray that indicated: “The cardiac silhouette is unremarkable. There has been interval resolution of right upper lobe collapse. The pleural-based masses in the right hemithorax are also not well seen suggesting interval decrease in size.”

Craigspeak: The tumor in my lung had visibly shrunk.

Yeah, I know the X-ray looked pretty clear, and it was. But my fuzzy was and still is there, apparently held in check, and its neck is under my foot which I have firmly planted.

Stomp fuzzy

So, bottom line, you really can’t compare an X-ray to a PET scan but I’ll take the -64%. πŸ™‚

As for the two buggers that the original PET scan found in my lower quadrant, they “no longer demonstrate malignant level FDG activity.”

Craigspeak: They are no longer evident baby. Yeah!

Thus, two out of 4 cannot be found, one more is squished by 2/3, and the last one in the noggin will be MIA next week if I have anything to say about it.

So, outstanding news today no matter how you slice it. Next Monday will seal the deal when I come up clean with my brain MRI, right?

Thank you all for the positive thoughts, wishes and prayers. Still working apparently, and hell, they make me feel better! One more request for another batch next Monday and I won’t bug you for another 90 days.

Plus some more good news: I beat my wife in ping pong today in two straight games, the first being a 7-0 skunk. And if you know Kim, no only does she not let me win, she is not a happy camper when she loses. All the more tasty…:)

And the kitchen remodel continues. Today the inspector discovered that apparently our main electrical panel had no ground connected to a metal stake in the earth. Been that way for 40 years. Hmmm. So tomorrow the electrician will be here to accomplish that task (say “cha-ching” with me now) so the inspector can sign off on the whole deal. Drywall should be going up shortly thereafter. Hope to see some obvious progress later this week. Stay tuned.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


23 thoughts on “August 5, 2013 (Mon) – Clean as a whistle – almost

  1. Great news Craig….I had been worried when you didn’t post your usual Sunday night blog….but tonight’s blog was definitely worth the wait…..Positive thoughts already being sent out for next Monday, xoco Karen

  2. Wonderful news!! I’m not sure which you need prayers for most — “fuzzy” or the kitchen remodel! I just re-did a 30-year old deck and eeeeuw. It’s a wonder it didn’t fall apart before I tore it apart! Good thoughts still coming your way!

    • Patti, at the moment the kitchen is finally starting to come together so I’ll take the prayers for Monday. πŸ™‚ I saw some of your pics of the deck – looking pretty good.

  3. Didn’t hear the champagne corks popping!! We will celebrate with a margarita on Friday. What great news and nice Bradyn was here to hear firsthand. You can still use the c-card with Kim, even if she doesn’t spot you a point or two!

    Ellen Knight 858 774-1589

  4. Craig……It is all about prayer, attitude and friends cheering for you…..keep up the good fight…..Zeke

    On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 11:10 PM, Craig Blower update – Get Fuzzy! (now

  5. Wundebar!! Good thoughts abound for this upcoming Monday! Stay positive and remember you truly are an inspiration!

  6. Hey Craig, great to hear the good news! The last time we spoke, (on the softball field), did I mention that I work on PET/CT scanners for a living? I word of warning, your ping pong game might suffer once the positrons wear off …

    • Hey Steve, thanks for the note. Yes I remember what you did for a living and was hoping that you had kept that scanner in good shape. Didn’t realize that I would actually set off airport and border crossing scanners and that people have to take their receipts from the scan to prove they were OK. See you out on the field.


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