July 28, 2013 (Sun) – I’m a Kleptomaniac

Fell for the ‘ol grab ’em with a bizarre headline again, eh? Gotcha.

Boys and girls, today’s blog is brought to you by the letters S and A. You can spell lots of things with S and A. Like Sucky, as in my golf game. Or Abuser, as in our illustrious mayor. But no, we are not here to discuss my handicap(s), of which I have many, or our mayor’s headlocks on women. Today’s letters stand for the words scan and anxiety. Otherwise known (from other cancer sites I “borrowed” it from) as “scanxiety.” And the Sesame Street theme was stolen from a recent Rotary luncheon I participated in; and they in turn stole it from Sesame Street itself. So all sorts of klepto activity going on.

But yes, as my 90-day scans approach, your (OK my) head is going through all sorts of gyrations. Was that the third time I coughed today? How many times did I cough yesterday? Is that tightness that has been coming on just another side effect of the drugs I’m treating my body to? Or is it something more sinister? When I stumbled over my flip-flops playing ping pong with my wife, was that because I’m just occasionally clumsy? Am I just using that as an excuse because I lost?  Or could that brain tumor be coming back and affecting my motor skills? So those in the cancer world have come up with the term scanxiety to describe the feeling that those of us facing those kinds of tests feel. It’s kinda a hyper-heart fluttering-internally itchy-butterfly inducing-cranky feeling. Sorta like how I felt when I waited for my draft number to be pulled in ’71 (it was 263). Or waiting for the results of your bio final in high school. But times ten bazillion. Flunking bio is one thing. Flunking these tests is a bit different.

So, since you all were soooo effective with your thoughts and good wishes the last time around (interestingly 90 days ago – yes I’m good at math), I will request a repeat performance for this set coming up. Hope you’re up to it since I certainly am. This Friday the 2nd is my infamous Geiger counter PET scan with approximately the radiation level of 50 x-rays. I’ll have to be careful because that much radiation could give me cancer. Sorry, poor joke. But ya know I gots to keep the humor up, right? And then on Monday the 12th I have my brain MRI. So to make it easier for you to remember, here is the calendar, a la my last time around:

August Cal

As for the recent Zometa treatment, I know you’ve been waiting on pins and needles (who came up with that?) to hear about which side effects hit me. I guess I retro’d back to my first go-round as I developed flu-like symptoms again. Luckily it hit me the night before I had 6 meetings at work. Felt just good enough to go to work the next day and slowly improved over the course of the day. I guess I just have to plan on 1 day down from some side effect each month.

Just returned today from San Jose where my daughter’s friends threw her (and her future hubby) an engagement party. Met the future in-laws for the first time. Real good people. But then again that is no surprise since they are Monte’s (our future son-in-law) parents. And he’s a good one. My daughter scored on both counts. Not really related to this blog but the trip was wonderful and relieved the scanxiety for the time being.

And another thing, as you know from prior posts, that takes my mind off my situation is the kitchen remodel we are going through. Kind of a trade off – it takes my mind off things but stresses me out. Whatcha gonna do? Here’s a photo of the gutted space and our jammed-with-cabinets garage. Didn’t want to eat anything anyway as the refrigerator is blocked.

Kitchen panaroma 1   IMG_5621

So this week will go very slowly. Hope to see some good progress on the kitchen and then some really nice empty scans. Well maybe not “empty” since they are doing one of my head. But you know what I mean. So probably the next time you’ll hear from me is in about a week after the results of the PET scan are known. Stay tuned.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


10 thoughts on “July 28, 2013 (Sun) – I’m a Kleptomaniac

  1. We’ll be thinking powerful positive thoughts for you! We can commiserate on the kitchen remodel. Our’s was gutted last Monday. We’ll have to compare notes! Fun times!

  2. Craig…….Positive thoughts and prayers for the 2nd and 12th……and every day there after…..Zeke

    On Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 9:22 PM, Gordon Knight wrote:

    > Bar, bed, bath and kitchen always open. > > Ellen Knight > 858 774-1589 > > On Jul 28, 2013, at 6:09 PM, “Craig Blower update – Get Fuzzy! (now

  3. Yep, sooooo much positive energy coming your way now and on the 2nd and the 12th. Have you thought about getting your blogs into a book??? Now that could pay for the kitchen re-do and that could take some of your kitchxiety away and ease the scanxiety…just sayin’.
    Thinkin of you often my “old” friend.

    • Karen, thanks for your note. Can’t write a book as it is a never-ending story…:) Where do you stop it? Thanks again for your thoughts. Craig

  4. Looking for a two-fer on the second, Craig! Danny had his scan last week, and he’s all clear!!! No one fights alone!! Hang in there!! Love, Little Brownie Brown

  5. P.S. We LOVE our kitchen remodel!! Beautiful work beyond our expectations. Can’t wait to see yours when it’s finished!

  6. I’m wondering if going thru a kitchen remodel actually helps with scanxiety since you have an incredibly annoying distraction for the next few weeks?!? Positive vibes being poured into the Universe from our end!!!


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