June 7, 2013 (Fri) – “Good, you gained weight.”

How many of you have had the pleasure of hearing that statement before? Yeah, thought not.

Yet, when my uncle-cologist walked into our monthly appointment this week, he had a very large grin which caught me off guard. When I asked this guy who deals in what could be a very mentally challenging profession why he was so happy, he said it was because I had gained weight since the last visit a month ago. Essentially a cancer patient losing weight is a bad sign as it could indicate the cancer was taking its toll. Gaining weight, on the other hand, is a very positive sign. I couldn’t bring myself to tell him it was just because I’d been eating like a pig. He was a happy camper; however, my straining belt buckle was not. But overall it was a boring doctor’s appointment. And that’s a good thing. Nothing new, nothing bad, everything on track. Couldn’t ask for more. Well maybe a lower handicap perhaps.

Starting to get some decent use out of my new Vitamix blender. Whipped up what turned out to be the best recipe yet. It starts with some oranges, add a lime or two, a lemon and some ice. And oh yeah, tequila and triple sec. Damn good margaritas. Granted this may not have been the healthiest (or intended) use of this contraption, but hey, my doctor likes that I gained weight and I aim to please. I think I’ll experiment next with a smoothie of whipped up Cheez-its.

Can’t post a blog without chatting about some side effect or other. Heck, I don’t have any cancer symptoms, so what else? Plus there are a few other Tarceva newbies reading this so they should know what they might be in for. So I shall try to describe the effect that the Tarceva has had on my hair/scalp. Of course there are other SE’s but we shall discuss only one at a time. Sounds like a medical lecture, eh? How interesting is that? In any case, here’s the best way to describe this scalp feeling. Grab a handful of your hair. Go ahead. Grab it. OK, I know you aren’t really doing it so I will wait…..ready yet? Now take that handful and pull straight up. Hard. Don’t let go. That should do it. That’s the feeling. Remember tho, this is not a complaint. More of just a clinical discussion.

BTW, I have absolutely nothing to complain about. What are a few zits and rash in the scheme of things? I really do feel very fortunate. That may sound a bit weird under the circumstances but it truly describes my current frame of mind. Heck, I’m probably busier doing more things now than I was BC. And our kitchen remodel is moving forward. So life goes on. Moves on. Moves up.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


11 thoughts on “June 7, 2013 (Fri) – “Good, you gained weight.”

  1. Craig, leave it to you to find a bright spot with gaining weight! 😉 Thanks for sharing the good news! I have a food processor too. Good move! Check out FORKS OVER KNIVES on Hulu. It is a good doc. Helpful. Best, Ed

    Craig Blower update – Get Fuzzy! (now Fuzzies) wrote: > craigblower posted: “How many of you have had the pleasure of hearing > that statement before? Yeah, thought not. Yet, when my uncle-cologist > walked into our monthly appointment this week, he had a very large > grin which caught me off guard. When I asked this guy who deals in ” >

  2. Hey Craig….yeah… this all sounds so good. And glad you finally found a real use for that fancy blender. Cheers to a great summer for you and Kim and keep writing your blogs…I need a good laugh every now and then.

  3. Thrilled to hear you are doing so great! Will continue with the prayers; sending positive energy your way. Will be anxious to see the kitchen; we’re available to test those margs anytime!

  4. Hey Craig what about those of us who have too little hair to pull? we need another way of experiencing that SE you so carefully described!



  5. Great news overall! And the hair pull side effect made me laugh…I beg my hubby to pull my hair and have always loved the sensation. I even pull it myself. I would ask my grandkids to pull it but they may think it is ok to pull everyone’s hair. I love holding babies as they naturally pull long hair–so that is my reason for keeping my hair so long in my old age. I guess there are side effects not as bad as others? Take care!

  6. You’re right! I have never been told “good you’ve gained weight” (unfortunately)
    Sounds like great progress! But, ugh Cheese Its in the Vitamix? That’s just wrong, Craig – 1 margarita, please! Thanks for the update, bud’
    Prayin’ for you!

  7. OK — another very healthy recipe: pineapple juice (vitamin C and magnesium), coconut milk (the liquid in coconut has tons of good stuff) and fermented molasses — generally sold under brands like Bacardi (fermentation allows for greater iron absorption). Put all ingredients in a blender with ice and decorate with little umbrellas. Recognize it?

  8. Hang in there – sounds like the positive attitude from you and your family will see you through well. An interesting read for me since I experienced some similar effects during my TCH rounds and then after…..on the mend now but your pictures and written imagery bring it back – all the best and fight the fight!

  9. Way to go! Keep kicking fuzzy butt! You also found a doctor who is happy when we gain weight. I have heard such doctors exist, but I have never found one myself. I may have to move to San Diego.


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