April 26, 2013 (Fri) – Got Fuzzy!

OK, which of you jumped the gun and started thinking positive thoughts before Monday? You’re forgiven. Actually I did the same thing and opted to go in today for my x-ray and blood test so that I wouldn’t have to deal with everything on Monday. Also, that way the test results would be ready long before our meeting with the Uncle specialist (you have to have read prior blogs to get that one) Monday afternoon. So I was home not 45 minutes after the test when my cell phone rang. Had to shove my heart back into place as it got lodged in my throat. Those of you that have read this blog from the beginning know exactly who was calling, don’t you? Yup, my pulmonary specialist. I knew it had to be her because she gets notified immediately as soon as any of the tests she ordered are complete.

I was SOO tempted to ignore the call because, with one exception, she has always delivered bad news. Plus the fact that I have been feeling a little tightness return to my chest recently, I was less than my optimistic self. And I didn’t want to ruin the weekend. So when she announced, with obvious excitement in her voice, that my x-ray came back with no visual evidence of any tumor in my lung, I was floored. Her batting average has improved immensely in my eyes. Technically the radiologist report said something about the mass having been “significantly reduced” but my pulmonary doc said she wasn’t sure what the radiologist was looking at because she couldn’t see anything. No mass, no lung collapse, no Fuzzy. Here we are celebrating with a beer 45 seconds later. More like 30 seconds.


We actually tried opening a mini bottle of champagne Kim found in the fridge, but it had gone bad. OK, that was nary a blip and nothing was going to get in the way of our celebration.

Now, I realize that there is no “cure” for what I have, and there are still 3 other areas on my person we need to check out, but you know what? I’ll take it. And run. We’ve got “Lung Fuzzy” on the mat with my foot on its throat and I don’t plan on letting up. Or, if you are as old as dirt and were into wrestling back in the 50’s-60’s like my older brothers, Lung Fuzzy is in a figure-4 leg-lock held in check by The Destroyer. I like that image. πŸ™‚

Hopefully you still have some positive thoughts left as I have my brain MRI on Monday morning and will be discussing the results with my doc in the afternoon. But the positive news I received today gives me a lot more confidence. Damn, that $200 Tarceva pill is worth every cent, eh?

I guess that tightness in my chest must be indigestion or acid reflux or some other malady. Certainly can’t be from any stress in my life. More likely it’s from swinging the bat in baseball. Going 4 for 4 could do that. Sorry, had to sneak that in. We’ll see how I do on Sunday. Forget about the golf story though, will you?

Now that Fuzzy is on the run, I plan on chasing it further with a slight improvement in my diet. Kim will be picking up a juicer and I will be adding some veggie cocktails to my daily regimen. As one of my contacts who is 6+ years out with stage 4 says, just think about it like drinking your medicine. Kim swears she can doctor it up to make it at least be drinkable. Figure I may as well add to the chemical ammunition that my doctor is prescribing.

Celebrated with a previously scheduled dinner tonight with my boss and his wife. Timing is everything, eh? And tomorrow morning I’m off to participate in Rotarians at Work Day helping clean and organize the USO office down at the airport. And if my doc gives me a green light, I hope to be back volunteering at Rady Children’s in a couple weeks. Damn it feels good to be doing regular things.

Keep them vibes coming!

Business as usual. Day at a time.


28 thoughts on “April 26, 2013 (Fri) – Got Fuzzy!

  1. Craig, thanks for sharing the wonderful news!!!!!

    Craig Blower update – Get Fuzzy! (now Fuzzies) wrote: > craigblower posted: “OK, which of you jumped the gun and started > thinking positive thoughts before Monday? You’re forgiven. Actually I > did the same thing and opted to go in today for my x-ray and blood > test so that I wouldn’t have to deal with everything on Monday. Also, > that” >

  2. Oh my gosh…this is such great news Craig. We are up in Santa Ynez wine-ing with 10 college days friends….can’t wait to share your good news as I had told them about you and your blog too…..must be from soo much positive energy coming your way and some pricey meds too. Good luck on the juice cleanse!….and hope to hear more good news on Monday. Have a GREAT weekend!

  3. Yippee! Such great news! What a wonderful way to kick off the weekend. Will continue to think good thoughts on Monday! Hugs.

  4. We have champagne chilled at our house….both are crying tears of joy and can hardly wait to see you both! Thanks for the call……hang in there, one great day at a time! Then you can write your book and make millions and build that perfect kitchen! Hugs!! EZ

  5. What wonderful news! So glad to hear that you are feeling well and that you’ve got Lung Fuzzy backed into a corner. Hope you guys have a great weekend.

  6. Craig – what great news to wake up to! Love your attitude and LOVE the results of your lung scan! Bravo! Keeping you in prayer….

  7. Craig, Kim and family, Supercalifragiliciousxpialidoucious! Continued well wishes, Nel

    Sent from my beloved iPad

  8. That’s awesome news, Craig!!! We are totally excited and celebrating with you! Yahoo! Go kick some more ass.

    Nikos and Arleen

    Sent from my VetPhone

  9. Fantastic news and what a way to begin your weekend! Your positive attitude has to be credited along with modern medicine’s $200 pill.

  10. Howard and I are on the road, and i just read your latest… what great news! Truly a reason to celebrate. We’ll partake in the celebration with a toast to you at our campsite tonight. (I hope you received the email I sent the other day…) -Michele Hall

    • Michele, thanks for the note. I saw that you had elected to follow my blog but I don’t remember receiving an e-mail. But I appreciate the toast. I joined you from here. πŸ™‚ Give my best to Howard.

  11. Hi Craig. We’re so happy to hear your great news. Now your drugs can move on to the other aliens. Cheers for more great news this week! xo, Ann Wallace

    Sent from my iPhone

  12. The power of prayer is strong. Our family hasn’t stopped since the day of your news. You have courage and I love your lick butt attitude. Keep it up Craig! Kim- you are right, he has to be around for the long Honey-Do List for all major projects. Blessings to you and your family.


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