April 14, 2013 (Sunday) – Ants, fuzzies on retreat?

craig bald copy

I warned you that I might take drastic action if the ants on my head didn’t return to their anthill. So what do you think?

Don’t tell me you fell for it. I ain’t not gonna (as you know, I love butchering grammar) head down this path until I have to. If ever. This photo is courtesy of my daughter, and Patrick Stewart, whose chrome dome she superimposed on my head with Photoshop. After looking at this photo, which adds about 20 years to me, I am in no hurry to head down this path.

As for the blog title today, it’s almost scary for me to say but other than the facial and scalp side effects of the Tarceva, I haven’t felt this well in months. No cough, no pressure on my chest from Fuzzy, no need for a runner for when I got on base in our softball game today… But I do have some bad news: we got clobbered. However, the new scalp medicine I have has reduced the anthill to a few creepy-crawlies, and no longer a sleep-stopper. Those of you that have read earlier posts know that I can sleep through just about anything including claustrophobic brain radiation treatments so it takes a lot to keep me awake. And since the ants no longer do, I am getting just about as much sleep as I want. And I want. Now I just have the zits to contend with. I know, I know. Just a couple weeks ago I was having you all do a Z-I-T cheer to encourage their sprouting. Be careful what you wish for. You guys must really have done a great job.

So I know this HAD to be a coincidence but you have to wonder if this company has secret access to a cancer database. I have never received a solicitation from them in my life. Timing is everything, eh?:

Cremation offer

I think I’ll toss this one, thank you very much. 🙂

My brother Mike recently pitched a story idea to a local TV station (NBC7) via their website and they bit. Yesterday a reporter came out to our house and interviewed me for a story about my journey and this blog and it aired last night at 11pm. I have to admit the reporter did a good job of editing the footage as I was very concerned about how it would come out. But I think it worked out OK. Other than my putting skills, I mean. What do you think?  Click here.

Meeting up with a bunch of my old (sorry but we are) high school cronies next Saturday up in OC for an early lunch, and then afterwards for a Bar-B-Q dinner at my brother’s house. Really looking forward to it. Haven’t left town since this whole journey began. But now that I am feeling this well, I have no qualms about heading out.

A board member from work hooked me up with someone she knew who is a 7-year, stage 4 lung cancer survivor. Had a great conversation with him last Friday. He is big into taking initiative towards his own treatment, especially as it relates to diet. Hmm. May have to look more into his recommendations. But very encouraging no matter what. It can be done.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


21 thoughts on “April 14, 2013 (Sunday) – Ants, fuzzies on retreat?

  1. Craig, been on and off Tarceva for almost 7.5 years. I have been taking the drug since it was first approved. Almost 8 years out now with stage IV. If you interested in talking, contact me. I will also be at the San Diego Breath of Hope Lung Cancer Walk on the 28th of this month.

  2. Your story has some commonalities with mine. I am an eight year stage three breast cancer survivor who made a conscious decision to remain positive no matter what the prognosis. Much like you I kept my daily swims, surfing when I felt well enough, and continued to teach second grade. Coincidentally I also had a local media person in my corner. Bill Griffith of Channel Ten also had a blog at the time I was first diagnosed. He was about sixth months ahead of me with his breast cancer experience. I was able to contact him and he visited me at one of my chemo sessions at Kaiser. His support and positive attitude was truly a blessing. I don’t need to tell you that a situation truly changes ones attitude and approach to life, and I too take each day with a full measure of enthusiasm. I never had the attitude of “why me?”
    It was more “why not me?” Thanks for posting the blog. Jon Harms

  3. Hi Craig! Thank you for your positiveness. Just saw your story on facebook. Please Craig, if you haven’t checked your home for radioactive radon gas, please do so. It is an easy test and not a difficult fix. It is the leading cause of lung cancer for nonsmokers. Please check out our stories on http://www.cansar.org
    Gloria Linnertz
    radon advocate, activist and VP of Cancer Survivors Against Radon

  4. Craig – just heard about this and read through your blogs – your fearless wit and sense of humor serves you well just as it did when we worked together a “few” years ago. We will keep you and your family in our prayers for remission, friend! So glad you have the right attitiude!


  5. Don’t worry Craig, Larry got one of those cremation letters too. Maybe it’s the SROP Roster they are using. Hang in there!

    Hey don’t forget – Phoenix has a Cancer Treatment Center of America and a local branch of MD Anderson Cancer Center from Houston. If you head this way let us know how we can help out.

  6. Thx for putting the NBC link to your interview in; we couldn’t get it here in the woods but your link worked. They did a great job! Must have been especially nice to see Bradyn last weekend! Hang in there!! EZ

    Ellen Knight 858 774-1589

  7. Hi Craig,
    I’m Nancy Linds’ sister, Julie. Just want to express to you wishes for a continued recovery and battle against your ‘fuzzies’. Having worked in a thoracic surgeons office for many years (and many years ago) it is interesting to read of all the advances made in radiation and various therapies. You are a man of great courage…..and even greater humor, in this road of conquest! I admire your strength and determination. Keep it going and lots of prayers and positive thoughts are coming your way.

    Julie Lind Postle

  8. Craig,
    I just read all your blog posts. I am praying for the continued healing thats going on in your body at this moment. Cheering on the BLASTING of those fuzzies. THEY HAVE NO CLUE WHAT’S IN STORE FOR THEM….

  9. Hi Craig,

    I can across your blog and read from the beginning! My dad (58, otherwise healthy and also a non-smoker) was diagnosed with stage iv back in October. I’m enjoying reading about the type of treatment you are receiving vs. what he is. Thanks for letting us follow along on your journey. Your positive attitude is contagious!

    Minneapolis, MN

  10. Craig – just saw the link on the Channel 7 story – and then I see these responses – so great to see the ones from people who are doing well who are further on the journey. The power of blogging is so cool!!

  11. Craig – I just saw the Channel 7 story – you’re a natural….then to see the posts here from people who are starting to follow you – the power of the Blog is so cool!!!

  12. Hey Craig, April is turning out to be a good month. Trying to decide which I like better- the spa treatment(love that turban) or the TV clip. Can’t wait to see what surprise you have for us on Sat. See you then.


  13. Hi Craig (CTBTREgg as we still affectionately think of you!),
    We heard about the cancer and your blog from Jan. All of us in your other (Borthwick) family are pulling for you and following the blog. When you get past your treatments and have this behind you we should have a Blower-Borthwick reunion to celebrate.
    Much love, Sharon (Borthwick) Duffy

  14. I’m a friend of your brothers (Mike and Kirk). Kirk told me about the blog and I finally got around to reading it. It’s great stuff and I’ll pass it along to my dad, who’s fighting cancer himself. Been praying for you since I heard and I’ll keep it going. Maybe we’ll golf sometime down the road.


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