April 9, 2013 (Tues) – Here comes the sun, and I say…not.


OK, the Tarceva already warns about being out in the sunlight with these zits/rashes. Today I received an additional prescription of Doxycycline to combat the rash. Of course, it says to stay out of the sunlight. Of course it does. What else? Was thinking about heading off to the Palm Desert for 2 days of golf later in May. Heck, I’ll have to dress like an Eskimo. Probably won’t affect my game too much however.

Also got a prescription for Fluocinonide. Yes, that’s how you spell it. Say that fast 5 times. Supposed to help with the head rash. Contains 35% ethyl alcohol. Definitely tingles the old follicles. Of course what does the Tarceva label say to avoid? You guessed it. Any skin products that contain alcohol. Oh, and many antibiotic drugs. My body is a walking contradiction. A contradiction with a bunch of zits.  We’ll see if I get a bit more sleep tonight.

Finally got our radon test back. You’ll remember that I did a test in our house because the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers is radon gas. So finally I got an e-mail with the results. Ready? Dum da da dum…:

Radon Test

Right smack in the normal range. I feel a big relief knowing that the rest of my family has not been exposed. Of course, that does not get me any closer to having a clue how I picked this bug up. I guess that is a moot point though, huh?

Someone at work passed along my story to a friend who was running in a marathon in Paris. She was running to honor others who have cancer and added my name to her shirt. How cool was that?

Tara in Paris shirt

OK, off to count sheep. Perhaps I should count budget figures I’m currently working on. They might be much more sleep inducing.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


4 thoughts on “April 9, 2013 (Tues) – Here comes the sun, and I say…not.

  1. Thx for the update….especially the radon test. Can’t wait to hear how the ants did last night? Hopefully, they let you get some sleep. Hang in there! EZ

    Ellen Knight 858 774-1589

  2. Good news on radon. However, counting budget figures probably won’t work as a sleep aid. You’ll have to fall asleep really fast since there aren’t very many high numbers.

  3. Been thinking about you and am now able to catch up with your blogs. I’m hoping my favorite saying “This too shall pass” will come sooner rather than later on your cancers. Crazy what the chemicals can do to our bodies, both beneficial and the “dang, I would like to stop taking THAT! ” variety. So, in addition to fighting the itch, ask Kim about “concealer” products for your face. Clem’s becoming a pro at covering up “blemishes” on his head and face with a Revlon product. He’s even using a small sponge to “even the tones” when I suggest it rather than his fingers (he’s such a guy).

    Carry on my friend. You have work to do!


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