April 1, 2013 (Mon) – Are there flowers blooming in San Diego?

OK, I’m not above stealing lines from wherever I can get them. In this case, some of you may recognize a similar question posed in the movie, Apollo 13 when one of the astronauts was using “code” to ask if the astronaut that had to stay home because of measles exposure had indeed broken out.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you that flowers have definitely blossomed in San Diego. No, that is not an April Fool’s joke, although those that know me well know I would not be above pulling such a prank. Now my oncologist was very clear in letting us know that seeing a rash did not necessarily mean that the Tarceva was in fact working. And my high school sophomore self from 45 years ago would laugh at what I consider a facial rash. But I’ll take it. Certainly it has not risen to the status of the requested “zits” that I asked you to cheer for, but there is definitely a spotting that has popped up in the past 24 hours. Then again, maybe all of my age spots have decided to rebel all at once. It is more obvious on my chest and shoulders where it looks like a beginning case of measles. Hope I’ve had those already. Hey, if it really explodes, I’ll treat you to an up-close and personal picture. Aren’t you lucky?

And other than the down day on Saturday, I’ve been feeling pretty damn good. Still have fluffy sitting on my chest but otherwise no headaches or other issues. I’ll take it while I can. In fact, I am pretty certain that the problems I had Saturday were a direct result of the Zometa that I received Friday via IV drip. Apparently one of the side effects that the nurse told my wife about (but not me for some reason) was flu-like symptoms with a headache. Duh. I was fine on Sunday and even better today so that had to be it. Guess I’ll have to plan a down day once a month for the day following treatment.

OK, I really hadn’t planned on blogging today but I had to share the maybe-perhaps-possible good news. Hey, any light, right? Opie and I now have something in common.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


6 thoughts on “April 1, 2013 (Mon) – Are there flowers blooming in San Diego?

  1. Let’s hear it for flowers, zits, rash or whatever shows a sign!! Thx! Glad Saturdays down day wasn’t due to our meatloaf dinner. That will teach you to even get close to chocolate! EZ 🙂

    Ellen Knight 858 774-1589

  2. Always great to hear the good news. Keep smashing, zapping or starving those Fuzzies. It seems that you will get some good Tarceva results without undergoing a Mount Vesuvius eruption on your face.

  3. Hey Craig – Renie and I are monitoring your BLOG. You are something else! Thanks for keeping all of us informed. I did not know of your writing expertise. I love it and look forward to all the next. John Martin

  4. Hi Craig, I just figured out how to respond to your blog…So glad to hear flowers are blooming and your headache has subsided. I still have my pom poms and megaphone out and will keep cheering for you.


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