March 22, 2013 (Fri) – Graduation Day (OK, OK, undergrad)

My brain is toast. At least I hope a portion of it is. Today completed my 5-day regimen with both lung and head radiation. I was joking with the technician about not having a graduation ceremony for my last head-shot, and after the procedure she surprisingly handed me a certificate:

Graduation Diploma

Graduated magna cum zappa. Let’s hope I don’t have to go back to school and repeat any classes.

The day begin with a call on my cell phone while I was en route for the double-double. Apparently the lung zapping machine had gone on the fritz and they wanted to move my appointment to the afternoon when they hoped to have it repaired. OK, my confidence level in being radiated by a recently repaired machine dropped like a rock. But I guess there were several guinea pigs ahead of me. And it wasn’t the brain machine – whew.

So this time I had the brain zap first, and true to form, nodded off during much of it. But as a parting gift, since I will never ever-ever-ever need it again, I got to keep the Silence of the Lambs birdcage. What do you think?

Picture 1

This is only a portion and doesn’t really do justice to how the whole torture mask actually was used. But my prior description of a facial mammogram comes closest. But no more. 🙂

Gross-out alert: skip to the next paragraph if you are queezy. I warned you. On Wednesday night, after I made my latest blog post, I had a coughing attach and coughed up a lima bean sized chunk of tissue. I took it in on Thursday to ask them about it. Apparently this is not anything unusual. In fact it was a piece of my lung apparently. Hard for me to think coughing up a portion of one of my organs is no big deal. Learning something new every day, whether I want to or not.

OK, didja skip the last paragraph? Good move, especially if you are reading this around meal time.

So, the schedule is still the same for now. I will get a lung x-ray Monday before my next treatment since my radiologist wants to see if the radiation treatments are having an affect. Apparently an x-ray earlier in the week which they did while I was on the table showed that the lung mass is still encroaching on my lung. I guess that accounts for the aforementioned foreign body I coughed up (oops, sorry). But admit it, you read that section anyway, right?

They will wait about 30 days before doing another brain scan to see if that toasted portion has stayed fried. OK, everyone in unison now: “Toasted-Toasted-Toasted!” Thanks. That helped.

Weekend plans consist of dinner with friends tomorrow and softball on Sunday. Be nice to at least have two days of normalcy and a radiation-vacation.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


5 thoughts on “March 22, 2013 (Fri) – Graduation Day (OK, OK, undergrad)

  1. Craig, thanks for the update. I must say, the birdcage might start a new fashion rage! I am glad that they let you keep it! Hang in there. Ed

  2. How is that I laugh out loud Craig when reading your blogs of the torture you are going through.?!?!?! Well, hopefully my positive reactions come back atcha for some good news results. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow morning as I burn some toast in your honor!

  3. Craig, you are a trooper. Now, that Silence of the Lambs birdcage, hmmm. I see a Halloween costume coming on! Hang in there. I still want that Prado lunch.

  4. Wow, Craig, I read the grossed out paragraph, and it almost brought a smile to my face. -I must be getting use to the gross outs! Firstly, you can’t repeat classes if you graduated magna cum zappa; it doesn’t work that way, silly 🙂 Secondly, you made it through probably one of the most electrifying experiences, anyone could ever imagine having, so any repeat of the double-double is out of the question, science guy ;-). Lastly, I think you should wear the mask to our next AHS Reunion; you’ll bring the house down, dear friend :0. Now, it’s onto single zaps. I hope you sleep through everyone of them [-) Hugs! ~M2 🙂


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