March 20, 2013 (Wed) – Same ol’, same new

Didja miss me? OK, I guess I’ve got you spoiled with my daily blogs. Didn’t mean to concern anyone by skipping last night. But Tuesday was pretty much the same as Monday, which was pretty much the same as today. Besides, you think these incredibly creative musings just roll of my tongue? OK, so I was just lazy. Let’s be real.

But in all honesty, as my treatment progresses, there will be many days where there really isn’t anything new to update. If you are interested, the best bet would be to subscribe to my blog; that way you’ll get an e-mail if something has been added. If you don’t see anything new, that means there isn’t anything new, or I couldn’t think of any new jokes. Either that, or the technician did get confused between a meter and yard.

So tomorrow (Thurs) is day 4 of my double-double. I wish it were the In-N-Out version. No such luck. Still, incredibly, nodding off during the procedure. Come Monday it’s back to just the 5-minute lung zapping, although that is up in the air a tad right now. By then this thing in my head should be toast, but we won’t know for a while until a comparison scan is done.

I’ve joked a few times about pulling the “C-Card” whenever I need an excuse for doing something stupid, on or off the field. Well, some good friends of ours had a bunch of cards printed up for fun. Very creative!

Cancer Card 2

Business as usual. Business as usual. There, that will cover the past two days. Day at a time.


One thought on “March 20, 2013 (Wed) – Same ol’, same new

  1. Yes Craig I have always thought that your “incredible musings” just roll out of your brain or off your tongue and directly to your word processor so therefore YOUR BRAIN CANNOT BE FUZZY!!! If your wit goes away, THEN I will be extra worried about you. I have a friend who several days ago started blogging on FB about her breast cancer “journey”….she really needs some of your humor, but luckily she too has a huge ” fan base”…..and this fan is rooting for you both. Xoxo


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