March 17, 2013 (Sun) – T minus one and counting

To blastoff that is. Tomorrow (Mon) we fire both booster rockets with radiation treatments for my lung and head, back to back. Get to finally try out for size the face mask they made for me last week. Reminded me a bit of Silence of the Lambs. Good thing my appetite hasn’t been up to snuff. Those technicians might have something to worry about.

Speaking of the radiology staff, I hope they aren’t recovering from too much of the green beer that they imbibed today. Wouldn’t want them to misplace a decimal point or use inches instead of centimeters in their measurements. Of course, if NASA can fail to convert from English measurements to metric while sober resulting in the crash of a Mars orbiter, I guess anything can happen. But not on my watch please. I guess if you don’t see a mushroom cloud over Kearny Mesa in the morning, everything worked out OK.

Last night I found that taking 2 Advil in desperation to try and knock down that headache, actually did the trick. So much for prescription medication. This morning I took a cocktail of Advil and Tylenol before the softball game I played in. Musta helped because I almost hit for the cycle with a single, double and triple. Remember, in this league, any time you get on base it’s ruled a base hit. You know I would leave it right there but too many Old Pros are reading this and would bust me with public comments on my blog. OK, here’s the real truth: While having a decent day at bat, I had the biggest brain fart of my career in the field. While playing rover (over 2nd base), I forgot there was someone on first so when a ground ball was hit to our shortstop and I started heading over in his direction, I was totally stunned when he turned and threw it to me when I fully expected him to throw to first. I was 10 feet off the bag and had no play at 2nd. I still might have gotten the runner at first but I just froze because I was so discombobulated. Ooh, love that word. That cost us 4 runs and we ended up losing in extra innings. Over a beer after the game I tried to blame my momentary confusion on my brain tumor. They weren’t buying it. Good for them. It was a lame excuse.

OK, headache pretty much gone, some barley soup (of course) and coconut cream pie in my tum courtesy of neighbors and friends, I’m good to go. I wore green most of the day and I plan on having some of that luck of the Irish spill over to tomorrow.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


5 thoughts on “March 17, 2013 (Sun) – T minus one and counting

  1. I enjoy reading your blogs Craig….just wish it was for a different reason. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hoping that the luck of the Irish will still be with you tomorrow.

  2. I’m impressed you know how to spell discombobulated. I’ve always liked that word but never attempted to actually “write” it.

    I’ve been following your blog and enjoying your humor during such a tough time. Larry and I sure wish this wasn’t happening to you and your family. Know our thoughts and prayers are with you always.

  3. I guess you will be missing the party for you and Francis1 in St. Peter’s Square tomorrow. They are expecting a fairly decent crowd. Lots of cheers and flag waving and kind thoughts for you……all the best……Zeke and Ellen


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