March 7, 2013 – a bit O’Clarity

OK, so our radiologist is not Irish. But today he did help us better understand the process as it relates to Mr. Fuzzy in my head. But I jump ahead. Beep-Beep, back up the truck.

How many of you remember the game growing up called Dogpile!? aka Pile on! That’s a little what it felt like today. I woke up to a headache this morning about 2am and, took some Tylenol, but no dice. I could not shake the puppy all day. However, I think it’s actually a result of a sinus infection, not anything related to the bugger in my brain. My doc concurred. So he prescribed some Vicodin since the Tylenol wasn’t touching it. Took a couple of tabs and I am feeling a whole lot better. Gives a whole new meaning to “get fuzzy.” So if I start to type in gibberish, at least more than usual, you’ll know why. On top of that, I’ve been feeling some tingling down my left arm. Again, not related to the tumor apparently. More likely my discs are acting up again 15 years after my spinal fusion surgery. They warned me at the time that I’d probably be seeing some symptoms like this 10-15 years later. So I milked it to 15 – I can’t complain. But all these different symptoms are confusing the hell out of me. Ahhh, piling on! 🙂

I had been asked to give the inspirational message today at our Rotary club luncheon. Agreeing to do it was not a difficult decision. But I was wondering if I would be able to hold it together since my message would essentially be a cancer coming-out party. Having a written script was helpful and I made sure I did not make eye contact with anyone, otherwise I knew I would lose it. I think it went fairly well and ended up with a standing ovation. OK, OK, they were already standing but they did clap. Had lots of Rotarians come up to me with hugs and best wishes – that is one awesome group of people.

On to the radiologist. Why someone who studies radios for a living would know much about radiation therapy, I’m not sure. But he did come recommended from my oncologist, the guy who studies uncles. He said the tumor in my head was most probably an off-shoot of Mr. Fuzzy in my lung. But the only way to know for sure would be to play Tooltime Tim and drill into my skull for a sample. Not really a good option, especially where the tumor is located. The other option would be to do nothing and see if it grows. Again, less than an optimal solution. So it boils down to boiling it down. With radiation, that is. He wants to do a much more detailed MRI of my brain next week that will give him a 3D image (no, not in IMAX) that will better assist him in aiming his little zappers. Assuming the MRI does not show much/any growth, and there is only the one, he says 5 straight days of treatment (M-F) should be enough to fry the bugger. Makes it sound simple, and the doc basically indicated it was. Of course I had to sign my life away about the possibility of turning into a leper.

As for the originator of all this fun, Mr. Fuzzy in my lung, I am still awaiting an appointment with the specialist from UCSD. She’ll be able to tell me if I really am eligible for oral medication. But the brain fix is first and the most important.

Tomorrow morning is the PET scan. Get out your Geiger counters. Hopefully this shows no new hotspots. I had to go on a low-carb diet all day in preparation. That’s like asking Tiger Woods to give up, er, nevermind…

Business as usual. Day at a time.


4 thoughts on “March 7, 2013 – a bit O’Clarity

  1. Craig…Hopefully some day your blogs will become a best seller and then you can go on tour to promote your book, which WILL have a happy ending. Not sure if it is your AHS teachers or your UCSB professors or perhaps your genes/DNA that get the credit for your creative writing style! Thanks for the update…. and again, I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I’m impressed with your doctors and all the information you’re getting! Sounds like a cogent plan is in the works. In the meantime, keep taking that Vicodin – it’s lovely, isn’t it? Waiting for the next update and lunch at the Prado when you’re up for it!

  3. Can I have some? To clarify… Vicodin or if the Rombauer is Chardonnay that will work.
    It is an amazing support group you have in SD not to mention those of us in cyberland.


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