March 5, 2013 – Some possible good news finally

OK, I was a bit jumpy about answering the phone today when the caller ID told me it was my pulmonary doc. The last two times she called me brought some less than cheerful news. But today she called and said that one of my genetic marker tests (EGFR) actually came back positive which indicates I may, repeat may, be a candidate for oral medication treatment. Not sure how that would apply to treatment of my brain tumor (if that is what it is) but I’m sure I will find out when I have my meeting with the radiologist on Thursday.

Also got a call to set up my PET scan but they called the house phone for some reason and left a message that I did not get until this evening. I’m assuming it will be sometime this week. Maybe I’ll find that cat yet. Looking forward to getting lit up. But this time without alcohol.

Attended my first Old Pros meeting in many months tonight. Been with that group for 30+ years. What a great bunch of guys. Any club that has the top of a beer can as its logo can’t be all bad. Even got a head buss from Ray Calhoun, Mr. Old Pro himself. Now I feel honored.

Have a new slogan: KTSOOTC. You’ll have to find me off-line for an explanation – it’s not really blog appropriate. 🙂

Finally got a CD of the lung X-rays. I know you’ve been holding your breath in anticipation. Oooh, that was bad. But this was the picture that started


it all two weeks ago. It shows my apparently clear lung in July 2011, and the most recent one. You just wonder where the hell it came from. But I’m not looking back, as everything is now ahead of me.

If you’re nice, I’ll post the MRI of my brain in the near future. Aren’t you glad you decided to read this blog? Hey, no secrets. It’s the real world and I have to accept that fact. And if you decide to continue reading this blog, better get used to it. 🙂

This next week should be very enlightening. Especially the PET scan. Pretty subtle, eh?

Stay tuned. Business as usual. Day at a time.


8 thoughts on “March 5, 2013 – Some possible good news finally

  1. Hey Craig…just read this entire blog. With your sense of humor you WILL kick this dreaded “C”. This blog of yours is like a manual on how to deal with one of life’s worst blows….and you are doing it one day at a time. Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers each day.
    Hugs to you and Kim, Karen Westerfield Stember

  2. Always so positive – wish we could bottle that attitude! And, by the way, the gynecologist joke always makes me chuckle. Hugs to you all. Julie RIck

  3. OK, I don’t know what KTSOOTC means…yet….. but I like the way it sounds – I pronounce it-
    KAT SOOT SEE – which could go in the song from MUSIC MAN – SHA POOP PEE – if you need music for the lyrics you’ll be writing.

  4. It’s encouraging to know that the Fuzzy in your chest in in one location. Hang in there Craig!

  5. Hi Craig, Just read the latest and it would be great if you can take that oral drug. As a “former” science educator, your updates are fascinating. And your attitude is awesome. I look forward to hearing more good news. Hugs, Lynne

  6. If this wasn’t happening to you personally; I would really enjoy these humorous well-written
    essays on your health challenge. Having been through a serious health challenge many years ago, I do believe that the positive energy generates healing power. I also believe that when you are sick every little ache starts to make you worry. Had skin cancer and reconstruction work and noticed a black mark on my back. Rushed to the doctor only to discover it was a Sharpie pen mark from working with my son’s art class. Good to keep things in perspective.


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