March 4, 2013 – A twofer (1 of 2)

Well, I never got around to updating my blog yesterday, so today you get (aren’t you privileged?) a double-dose. And since tonight’s update will mostly be about what we were able to learn at this afternoon’s upcoming meeting with the oncologist (notice I didn’t use my old joke?), I figured I better split this up.

As for yesterday, I guess I should not have been so worried about my softball game taking its toll. The only toll it took was on my ego. OK, I got on base 3 times but in our league, there is no such thing as an “E-anything” in the score-book so anytime you get on base, it’s a base hit. Plus, I had a pinch runner each time I reached first so I almost felt guilty having that beer at the end of the game (at 10am no less). That’s Old Pros softball for you. Nothing better.

The best part of golfing in the afternoon yesterday was playing with my wife and son. Sounds likes a lead-up to an excuse for my score, doesn’t it? Well, yeah, I guess it is. I started off pretty well for me (45 on the front nine). But I totally hosed/chunked/sucked at (choose one) the back nine. A friend told me I should have pulled the “C-Card” and gotten some extra strokes. But even that would not have been enough to beat my son who is rapidly leaving me in the dust. But I held up well and I don’t think it affected my handicap one way or the other.

Good friends, Zeke and Ellen Knight, came over last night along with my son’s girlfriend Stephanie. Had a wonderful, “Craig-comfort” dinner along a glass of our favorite wine, Rombauer. Was actually feeling pretty good. OK, maybe it was two glasses…They also brought me a huge bag filled with mini-tubs of a variety of ice cream flavors. There ain’t no way (I love butchering grammar) my support group is going to let me lose weight. You don’t hear me complaining, though, do you?

We also got an incredible flower arrangement from one of Kim’s former poker (bunco?) groups. I don’t have your e-mails so if you are reading this, thank you so much!

OK, this afternoon is the long-awaited oncologist appointment. I even wore pink in celebration. I realize that color is for a different type of cancer but lung cancer’s official color is white and I felt that was too boring. Yes, every type of cancer has its own color – little did I know.

Stay tuned. A day at a time. Yadda, yadda. 🙂


3 thoughts on “March 4, 2013 – A twofer (1 of 2)

  1. Craig and Kim,
    I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve got lung cancer, but want you both to realize how big your circle of friends and well wishers are. I’m hanging on everyword of this blog, keeping a positive attitude that things will turn out fine and praying with all my might. I’ll check in soon in person, just want to let your dust settle a bit, the phone to quiet down and your “to-do” list to grow. Love to you both,
    Karen Johnson

  2. Dear Craig, I came away from your post wondering….what the hell is Rombauer? Next stop, google! Thank you for doing this blog – really good for those of us who don’t want to drive you nuts with questions, I really appreciate it! xoxo Lynn

  3. Craig, just wanted you to know that all of us out here are sending lots of love and happy thoughts your way.

    Marie, Aaron and Milo


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