March 2, 2013 – Better stick to singles

Feeling a bit frisky this morning (no, not that – get your head out of the gutter), my wife and I went to the driving range where we each hit a large bucket of balls. I’ve got some bad news: my golf game is not improving. But it also really winded me and I’m still short of breath 6 hours later. So to be smart and pace myself, tomorrow I’m playing in a 1 1/2 hour softball game followed by 18 holes of golf at Sycuan. Hey, nobody ever accused me of being smart. And I certainly hope I will not be hitting as many balls as I did today. Before we left this morning, while slathering on the sunblock, I said that I was doing so to keep from getting cancer. Don’t think Kim appreciated the dark humor. Now that I think about it, it was pretty lame.

But as for the softball game, I better stick to hitting singles as extra bases will definitely be a cause for concern. Unfortunately, I play in an over-50 league where a single can occasionally turn into a double or triple. Not on the order of Bad News Bears, but…Here’s hoping the team we play against has some stellar defense, not so much they win, but enough to keep my hits, if I get any, to singles.

If any of you were in the LA area in the 60’s and early 70’s (many of you weren’t even born) you certainly remember the horrible smog days we had back then. That’s kind of how my breathing feels – like the worst smog day ever where you can only suck in about 40% of your air without triggering a coughing attack. I’ll really be glad when some treatment starts so we feel like something is being done to whittle these buggers down to size. And then knock them into oblivion.

Having some good friends over for leftover enchiladas that another friend made for us last night. A ginormous pan-full – we hardly made a dent. And since I have not heard any contra-indicators between cancer and alcohol, that will be part of my treatment regimen until I’m told otherwise.

Thanks once more for everyone’s notes of concern and positive vibes. I know we will clobber this thing but it wouldn’t be possible without the tremendous support I have throughout the San Diego community and friends and family outside the area. I really appreciate it!

Business as (almost) usual. Day at a time.


5 thoughts on “March 2, 2013 – Better stick to singles

  1. Craig and Kim…..Thanks for coming by… are always welcome…..even with Bill….we’re here for yo both…..Zeke and Ellen

  2. One day at a time…we are lighting candles, dancing, praying, chanting, burning incense, beating drums, crossing our fingers and eyes for you.

  3. Wow–I am breathless after reading about your busy weekend! Perhaps some yoga like deep breathing with a little Enya or Mozart in between softball and golf?
    Rick’s team/league let him use a designated runner during one of his heart related rehab periods???
    Good Vibrations for Monday…

  4. 11147 Saunders CT
    San Diego, CA 92131
    Phone: 858-271-1141
    Cell : 858-705-0177
    Fax: 858-566-1141
    March 3, 2013

    Dear Craig:

    It appears to us that you have drawn one of the leading roles on this stage of life that we share. We want you to know that we are thinking of you each moment throughout the day. We send you all the positive power possible in the universe.

    We are grateful that you could share your thoughts because as one shares one becomes more aware of ones own feelings and needs. Please consider that we are here to offer our support in any capacity that you might need. You are right to take one day at a time. We shall be here for you ONE DAY AT A TIME.

    With sincerity,

    John and Melisa

  5. Hi Craig – this is Mary from Paris. Thinking of you over here in the land of wine and cheese and sending lots and lots of good thoughts for you. Thank you for the wonderful and honest writing – once you beat this thing you will have a new career as a writer ahead of you. With many many good thoughts, Mary Carey


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