February 28, 2013 – I have my first blind date since college!

Well, I finally have a date with my gynecologist, er, oncologist. Yes, I know that joke is getting old but it’s almost automatic now. In fact, I was having a conversation with someone today when I really did accidentally use that term. Generated some snickers when they were needed most.

I see my oncologist on Monday afternoon so we can finally figure out how to attack these buggers. Now if he straps on some rubber gloves and asks me to sit in a saddle chair, I’m going to get a bit nervous. But it will finally shed some light as to what my treatment will be, how long it might last, what the prognosis is etc. Well, I already know the outcome so it’s just a question of how and how long. Whatever the treatment is, I want to get started right away as these nastygrams are not getting any younger.

While I’m not feeling that badly (is that proper English, Wendy?), these occasional coughing fits are quite a nuisance. In fact I was afraid they were going to fine me at Rotary today if one of these kicked in.  So I loaded up on anything I could find to stifle a cough and made it through with people just thinking I was spreading my cold throughout the room. Don’t I wish.

Depending on the treatment options, there’s a good chance I may have to break out that alligator clip after all for some Isla Vista medicine down the road. Just like old times. Can you say reefer madness?  I might have to have someone retrain me on the proper technique. Something tells me a few of you readers out there are up on the most current methods…

Thank you to everyone that have sent me e-mails, called etc. I can’t, of course, respond to all of you individually; otherwise I wouldn’t have time to write all of these incredibly creative blog entries. So please don’t feel ignored if you don’t get an e-mail back. I really appreciate your thoughts, prayers, bottles of Rombauer…

Looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend, not counting the 5 for 5 I will go at my softball game on Sunday. No home-runs though – I don’t think I have enough wind for that. So I’ll have to hold back a bit.

Business as usual. Day at a time.


2 thoughts on “February 28, 2013 – I have my first blind date since college!

  1. Hey Craig, this is Ed Suhay. I called Kim this morning to ask about the piano. Robben had told me you guys were done with it. I was running errands when she called back and asked if I was at home. I said no but I am in a parking lot. Then she said she’d rather i was at home when we spoke! I replied, “This sounds serious. What’s up?” Again she asked me to call when I got home. She also gave me your blog, which is genius. A great way to for us to get the history AND most current info. Needless to say, I appreciate your sprinkled in humor.

    You my friend are added to our Shadow Mountain Community Church’s small group prayer request list. This is a GOOD thing. I will continue to read your blogs for updates. There’s NO need to reply to my comments as i know there are many things on your plate. 5 of 5 sounds good!

  2. Craig……Ellen and I just put a six pack of Blast Point Pale Ale and a like container of IPA in the cooler ready for a walk over whenever. I’ve opened 1 Pale Ale in anticipation of a knock at the door but no luck so I’ll just keep sipping or do a drink comparison and crack an IPA. Two beers is enough for a Scotch drinker on a Saturday afternoon. Please feel welcome at any time…..all the very best….Zeke


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