February 27, 2013 – A Blog Title Change :(

Went in for my brain MRI this morning. I reminded everyone 3 times that I had neck surgery 15 years ago and had a metal plate in my neck. I didn’t want the machine to yank that out. ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess it really wasn’t a concern.

The MRI reminded me of lying in a tunnel listening to the last scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Doot Did Doot Dah Doot… – in a bunch of different notes and sequences. Don’t know how I was able to but I stifled my cough for 25 minutes during the procedure. Didn’t want to ruin the test by coughing in the middle of it.

Although I did not get a call to schedule an oncologist appointment, later in the day I did get a call from my pulmonary doc with the results of the MRI. Unfortunately it shows that the cancer has migrated to my brain (near/attached to the cerebellum). From my perspective it did not seem that big: about 7mm, the size of my pinky fingernail. But then again, a tumor in your brain ain’t a good thing, no matter what size.

OK, now I’m pissed.

So it helps to have lots of friends and contacts. I received an e-mail this afternoon from a retired lung doctor who is in my Rotary club. He obviously had been forwarded my original e-mail that I sent to a few Rotarian leaders. He offered many words of encouragement. When I asked him about who he might recommend as a top gynecologist, oops, there I go again, oncologist, he said to call him. I called him this evening and he gave me the name of one he felt was the best. This was a name I had already heard was very good. He then offered to call him at home to see if he could take me on as a patient. I took him up on that and he called me back and said this oncologist said sure, he’d take my case. I am supposed to get a call tomorrow to set up an appointment for Friday or Monday. Even with this overall bad news, I feel like I will be getting the best possible treatment, whatever that turns out to be.

And since my original title referred to my tumor in the singular, I have to now pluralize it for the time being to “Fuzzies.” I look forward to the time when I re-title it “Get What?”

A day at a time.


6 thoughts on “February 27, 2013 – A Blog Title Change :(

  1. Your family and friends all love and respect you and will be with you all every step of the way through this journey. You are not alone. Be Blower calm, cool and strong. Yes, sharing the burden is a good thing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Shocked, Stunned, Angry, Sad..dammit!! (sorry God for cussing) How come there are so many nasty people out there and this happens to one of the nicest guys ever??? Blog it, Craig – it will bless someone else and maybe, just maybe save their lives. Hugs from the OC & AHS Alum

  3. You have all the positive love and hugs from your wonderful friends, family, and colleagues. BTW its ok to be pissed because cancer sucks.

  4. Hi Craig Thomas Connor here sending my support in form of Love and Prayers for your well being. I am and was so surprised when Barby told me today. I have such a wonderful relationship with Barb and so many great memories of Kim that when i met you you seemed so nice and calm and peaceful and happy, and in great health! I am sure you have so many close friends but i will still say this,,,,,, I am here for anything that i can help with. I will think only great thoughts for you and evryday as often as poosible thank God for your HEALING.

  5. oh man. When they found mine it was in my cerebellum too. none in the lungs though. So it starts growing and bam, goes straight to the brain? I’ve had 3 brain surgeries, balance and vision is way off, constant vertigo unless Im sitting still or sleeping. Thank God for sleep. smoked all my life.


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