February 26, 2013 – The Big Reveal

I was gonna wait until I had a treatment plan to go public but I felt I needed to get it aired out today. So I called a quick “important” meeting with my 10 staff, who I’m sure thought I was going to tell them I was leaving the museum. No such luck, I’m afraid. Quite a few jaws dropped on the floor along with a few tears. I couldn’t look the wet-eyed ones in the face; otherwise I got all choked up as well.

I proceeded to tell the rest of the senior staff and those in my immediate office area. My boss was already aware and he informed our board President prior to our board meeting today. I also sent an e-mail out to a few executive level Rotarians I work with so they would understand if in the near future they didn’t see as much of me. Lots of very quick messages of support in reply. Rotarians are wonderful people.

Tomorrow morning I have an MRI of my head to ensure nothing is going on up there as well. I tried to tell them to save their money as I know nothing ever goes on up there. But they wouldn’t listen.

Day at a time.


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