February 25, 2013 – The Results Are In

Got a call late morning from the pulmonary doctor saying that the test results still had not come back but she was hopeful they would have them later in the day.

True to form, mid afternoon she called back and indicated the results were in. The tests indicated I had a “moderately differentiated” type of cancer called adenocarcinoma, a “non-small cell” version of lung cancer. This is better than the small-cell version apparently. The results indicated it was “lung primary,” a type that usually develops in the lung and normally does not come from another location in the body. Hopefully further testing will confirm that fact.

Hell of a deal for someone who hasn’t smoked anything since college, and even then it was only those funny cigarettes that you hold with an alligator clip. 🙂

There were two other tests they wanted to do with my tissue sample that might have a bearing on my future treatment regimen. The tests are called a EGFR and an ALK test. Apparently a low percentage of non-smokers like me, that are diagnosed with this kind or cancer, have a genetic marker that may allow for treatment, at least initially, via  oral medication. We shall see.

She said she would arrange to have an oncologist call me for an appointment in the next couple of days. Once the two tests above are complete in the next day or so, and we meet with the oncologist, a treatment plan will emerge. Stay tuned.

Still have not told very many people. Family of course and only a few close friends. But once I know what the treatment plan is, I will get the word out to a larger select group.


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