February 24, 2013 – B-ball, Oscars success

Having played Sunday morning softball every Sunday up here in Scripps Ranch for the past 30 years, I couldn’t very well bail out on my teammates for our 8:30 game. Off course I picked the wrong day to go 4 for 4 with a triple. 🙂 I had to pull myself out of the game the inning after my triple. But I was otherwise able to finish off the rest of the game. Amazing what a little adrenaline will do.

That afternoon we went to the first T-ball game of the season for our pseudo-grandson, Jake, the son of a very close friend. It brought back memories of watching our own son Brett. It was a crackup watching these kids hit and run (not always to the right base :)); many of them were totally involved in anything BUT the game. Another great day of fun.

Of course that night we watched the Oscars with our close friend Jayne, a tradition that has gone on for many years. A full day which helped me forget about not knowing where I stood.


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