February 20, 2013 – the Big “B”

Checked in bright and early and they prepped me for the biopsy. They explained they would give me a “twilight” sedative to put me mostly out. After wheeling me into the room with some sort of scanner to guide the doctor doing the procedure, I was pretty much out of it. When I woke up in the same room I thought they were still prepping me but the procedure was already over. TMI Warning!: the procedure consisted of the doctor inserting a hollow needle in the upper part of my back through which was inserted a tool of some sort to extract some of the tissue from the larger mass, aka Fuzzy,  in my lung.

Immediately after the procedure they took a picture of my lung to use as a baseline to compare later on for any possible leakage. I had to remain in the hospital for another 4 hours in case any complications developed. Thank goodness for free hospital wi-fi and my i-Pad (and of course my wife who kept me company). They then took another x-ray to compare to the earlier one to be sure nothing had changed. Nadda, so they dismissed me, and Kim drove me home. I actually felt fine. Of course that was probably a result of the sedative but I wasn’t complaining. Noooo, not at all….


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