February 15, 2013 – Push me, Pul(monary) you

Kim and I went to see the pulmonary specialist that Friday who went over in detail what the CT scan showed. Again, the most likely diagnosis was some sort of cancer but it would require a biopsy to know for sure. She scheduled the needle biopsy for the following Wednesday the 20th at Sharp Hospital. She also set up an MRI appointment for my head, the only other part of my body that really hadn’t been scanned. With some very light headaches that came with my illness, she wanted to eliminate the possibility the growth hadn’t started upstairs and moved south, or vice-versa. The MRI was scheduled for the 27th.

The doc said, or I thought she said, that they might have the results of the biopsy by Friday afternoon the 22nd and would give me a call one way or the other. Notice the “I thought she said.” That will give you a clue…


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