December 26, 2012 – I gotta get well for Hawaii!

Between December 6th and the 26th, my wheezing began to get worse (a very oddball sound) and I developed a nagging cough to go along with it. With my trip to Hawaii with my bros looming a few days away, I went into urgent care to see if I could get some sort of antibiotics in case that might help clear it up. The doc prescribed a course of Amoxicillin in the off chance it wasn’t viral. He also prescribed an inhaler and breathing chamber to use with it. I e-mailed my regular doctor who said to keep an eye on it and to let him know how I was doing when I returned from our Hawaii trip.

Early-December, 2012 – Mr. Wheeze

It all began innocently enough in early-December when I noticed a slight whistling coming out of my throat while in bed. Needless to say, at the ripe old age of 60 (actually only 59 at that time), I basically ignored it. One of those old-age things that would come and go. It turned into more of a wheeze. When I went in to see my doctor on December 6 for a follow-up on my slightly damaged shoulder (rotator, don’t ask how I injured it :)), I mentioned this wheeze to him. Because I had been taking a good amount of Advil (my best friend) and also complained a bit about acid reflux, he had me try a course of Prilosec antacid to see if that might eliminate the possible cause of my throat wheezing issues.